Climate Collapse Triple Tipping Point Year 2020

To at once avoid the threatening occurrence of even three manmade and then unreversable climate collapse tipping points in this year 2020 the call for an 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly – as telefone-conference – is needed to decide the „Global Emergency Resolution against Global genocide“, which you can download here.

Please support with all your power and on every level the very soon convening of the 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly.

Thank you!

Gisela Toussaint

Karlsruhe/Germany, 31.3.2020

Requested Appointment with ICC to stop Global Genocide

Jean Ziegler, Vice President of UNHRCAC, and a small team have very urgently requested an appointment with Madame Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, to discuss, how the ICC most effectively may – and has to - stop Global Genocide.

The text of the request you can download here.

The list of supposed culprits you can download here

The ICC has to stop Global Genocide!

Appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Not to fulfil Paris Agreement (PA) as well as massively acting against it –specially by expanding fossil fuel production - by persons, who are obliged to fulfil PA, and/or organized groups of these offenders is global genocide against whole mankind by ‘joint criminal enterprise’.

To allow, instigate, order, plan, commit, execute, aid and/or abet the industrial destruction of the Brazilian rainforest as global carbon sinks is genocide against indigenous peoples in Brazil as well as global genocide by ‘joint criminal enterprise’.

Climate Scientists fear the collaps of the Brazilian rain forest allready by 2021.

Therefore mankind is existencially threatened by a man-made ecological and climatological Super-MCA.

As a consequence we call the ICC to most immediately

1. start official investigations against the supposed culprits because of global genocide (Art.6 (c) Rome Statute) and crime against humanity (Art. 7 para.1 (b) Rome Statute)

2. order provisional protection measurements according to Art. 68 Rome Statute to protect the Brazilian indigenous people, the Brazilian rainforest as global carbon sink, global climate and whole mankind

3. build an “International ICC-Task-Force against Global Genocide” as well as a special “International ICC-Task-Force against Industrial Destruction of Rain Forests”

download the appeal here

V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany,


fridays for future short film: seven - Fridays for Future Cologne

BlackRock calls for stepping out of coal - text passage cut out

In einem epochalen Interview auf CNBC von BlackRock-CEO Larry Fink durch den Journalisten der New York Times Andrew Ross Sorkin legt Larry Fink seine neue Botschaft an die CEOs der großen Konzerne sowie an seine Klienten dar:

Wir stehen wegen dem Klimawandel vor einer fundamentalen Umgestaltung der Finanzwelt.

Klimaschutz und Nachhaltigkeit wird BlackRocks neuer Investmentstandart.

Die Briefe an die CEOs sowie an die Clients sind auf der Website von BlackRock abrufbar.

Allerdings hat sich hier ein Skandal ereignet:

Die Textpassage über den Ausstieg aus Investitionen in die Kohleindustrie aus dem Brief von Larry Fink „Letter to clients“ auf der Website von Blackrock

ist aus der dortigen Druckversion verschwunden!

Hier ist sie noch einmal:

„Verzicht auf ein Engagement bei Kohleproduzenten – Eine solche „Risikobranche“ ist die Kohleproduktion. Sie ist extrem kohlenstoffintensiv und wird wirtschaftlich immer unrentabler. Aufgrund ihrer Umweltbelastungen unterliegt sie hohen Auflagen. Angesichts der weltweit beschleunigten Energiewende halten wir eine weitere Vermögensanlage in diesen Sektor weder aus wirtschaftlichen noch aus anlagespezifischen Gründen für sinnvoll. Deshalb haben wir damit begonnen, börsennotierte Wertpapiere, d. h. Anleihen und Aktien, von Unternehmen, die mehr als 25 % ihrer Umsätze aus der Kohleproduktion erwirtschaften, aus unseren diskretionären aktiven Anlageportfolios zu eliminieren. Dieser Prozess soll bis Mitte 2020 abgeschlossen sein. Bei unserer Bewertung von Sektoren mit hohem ESG-Risiko werden wir zudem andere Unternehmen genau untersuchen, die stark auf Kohle als Rohstoff setzen. Unser Ziel ist es abzuschätzen, ob sie daran arbeiten, sich von Kohle als ihrem wichtigsten Energieträger zu lösen. Darüber hinaus wird BlackRock bei seinen alternativen Anlagen künftig keine Direktanlagen mehr in Unternehmen tätigen, die mehr als 25 % ihres Umsatzes mit der Kohleförderung erwirtschaften.“

Dies hat wohl die Kohleindustrie erzwungen!!!

Aber eine nunmehr rasant steigende Abwendung der großen Investoren sowie der kleinen Anleger von der fossilen Industrie, die von der weltweiten Divestment-Bewegung eingeleitet und nun von der globalen Fridays-for-Future-Bewegung durchgesetzt wurde, dürfte nicht mehr aufzuhalten sein!

Open Letter for Future to COP 25 in Madrid

Open Letter for Future to COP 25

Dear UN-Secretary General, Antònio Guterres, dear Delegates of all nations, all people, all nature and entire earth. Dear Delegates of mankind and planet.

Dear governmental, industrial and financial Lobbyists of international fossil, chemical, mining, military, automotive and agro industry.

Dear cultural, economic and juristical global Establishment as well as Fridays for Future.

We all know that this is the very last UN-Conference of the Parties with the chance to successfully save our planet and to save mankind from global extinction by the just starting climate catastrophe.

We all know that only the most ambitious fulfilling of the Paris Agreement by all governments, industies and finance

– by massively reducing fossil and beef GHG-emissions , keeping CO₂-sinks like rainforests, saving the soils, nature and biodiversity, quickly decarbonizing global economy and changing to renewable energy and fossil free public transport –

will keep the global warming on the level of 1,5°C and so stop the climate catastrophe, the destruction of global life fundaments and extinction of mankind.

And we all have experienced that all our begging for climate action to governments, industry and finance has been mostly in vain.


If we don’t find out the reason and if we don’t fight this reason at once with full power, our planet will very soon heat up to 3, 6 and much more degrees and so every single person of mankind will starve to death, die by overheating, commit family suicide, commit terroristic acts, start wars or/and be slaughtered within an increadible apocalypse - without any survivors.

The reason for willingly not acting or not acting most ambitiously will be the same reason as for willingly acting against the Paris Agreement.

So we may find the reason, if we look at the main findings of the new and first

„The Production Gap 2019 Report“ of UNEP:

„Governments are planning to produce about 50% more fossil fuels by 2030 than would be consistent with a 2°C pathway and 120% more than would be consistent with a 1,5°C pathway.“

„The continued expansion of fossil fuel production – and widening of the global production gap – is underpinned by a combination of ambitious national plans, governmental subsidies to producers, and other forms of public finance.“

„This hinders the collective ability of countries to meet global climate goals, and it further widens not just the production gap, but the emmissions gap as well.“

„Several governments have already adopted policies to restrict fossil fuel production, providing momentum and important lessons for broader adoption.“

„International cooperation plays a central role in winding down fossil fuel production.“

So most governments still are - forced or willingly - collaborating with fossil industry to pay them subsidies for fossil fuel production and even to give governmental allowance to massively expand the fossil fuel production.

The support of massive expansions of fossil fuel (beef, car, deforestation) industry is done as well by EU-governmental radical neoliberal free trade agreements like CETA, JEFTA, EUSFTA, EU-MERCOSUR.

These trade agreements as well allow industry to „press and sue“ nations to avoid climate protective measures. But as the Paris Agreement has the highest degree of international law (ius cogens), all minor and opposing trade agreements (and Art. XX GATT) have to be judged invalid (Art. 53 VCLT).

As a result even the most ambitious official nationally determinded contributions (NDCs) – and as well the planned agreement of an international CO₂ emission price – will be neutralized by the inofficial governmental and financial support of massive expansions of fossil fuel (and other) industry for short-term huge neoliberal profits and for long-term and meanwhile soon extinction of mankind!

This massive acting against the Paris Agreement will cause the extinction of mankind.

So this is nothing less than committing global „genocide“ according to Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute and „crime against humanity“ according to Art. 7 I (b) Rome Statute.

As bitter but crucial, existential and global economic consequences

the Delegates of the COP 25 should

1. stop begging governments, industry and finance to start serious climate action but
2. start pointing out the most serious impact of international criminal law of genocide by not fulfilling the Paris Agreement and
3. start official investigations against these governments, heads of fossil industry (and others)
4. call the International Criminal Court (ICC) for immediate action against global genocide
5. call all governments, industry and finance to stop supporting and funding fossil fuel, fossil cars, beef, soy, agro, agro chemical and deforestation industry
6. officially declare the Paris Agreement a new „ius cogens“and
7. ban all Paris Agreement blockading EU- and WTO-trade agreements
8. call all governments, industry and finance to start most ambitious climate action to fulfill the Paris Agreement to save mankind
9. declare the change of global economy system from most destructive neoliberal economy not to a „European Fake Green Deal“ but to a most constructive and climate protective „New Planetary Deal“

Karlsruhe, Germany, 3.12.2019

„People‘s Movement for New Planetary Deal“
V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany,

Download the Open Letter here.
Download the JEFTA Ergänzungsschriftsatz  here.

Climate Strike Poster for Download

Plakat: Für den "Europäischen Green Deal" Downloaden

Plakat: "Das Paris Abkommen, die UN-Menschenrechts-Charta und das Verbot von Völkermord sind höchstrangiges Völkerrecht" Downloaden

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