This is the End

This is the end! Is it?

UN Paris Jubilee ignores disaster warning of the WMO and omits - despite acute threat of exceeding the 1.5 degree target already in 2024 - immediate drastic rescue measures.

Press release:

On 12/12/2020, the 5th anniversary of the conclusion of the Paris Agreement was celebrated, by a "Climate Ambition Summit 2020".

Here it was explicitly stated that the major common goal of the Paris Agreement to save humanity was to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, and that this goal would be achieved through "emissions neutrality" starting in 2050. climate-ambition-summit-release.pdf (

In fact, however, the World Meteorological Organization WMO already informed the world public on 8.7.2020 that, according to international scientific calculations, the 1.5 degree target would be exceeded with a probability of 20% already in 2024, i.e. within the next three to four years! New climate predictions assess global temperatures in coming five years | World Meteorological Organization (, 1,5 Grad in Sichtweite - Wissen - (

This absolutely alarming message has the Secretary General of the WMO Petteri Taalas for safety's sake on 2.12.2020, so shortly before the anniversary of the Paris Agreement, again announced worldwide 2020 on track to be one of three warmest years on record | World Meteorological Organization (, Microsoft Word - WMO_Annual_to_Decadal_Climate_Update_2019 (

and also posted a YouTube "Animation on the occasion of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020": Animation on the occasion of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 - English - December 2020 - YouTube

According to the overwhelming assessment of science, the danger of irreversible climate catastrophe tipping points is very high from exceeding the 1.5 degree target, with the consequence of further dramatic global warming to 3 to 5 degrees and more and the unstoppable horrific destruction of the entire human race. Tipping Elements - the Achilles Heels of the Earth System — Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (

This press release can be downloaded here.

Press Release: Epochal decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

On November 30, 2020, the ECHR allowed a direct action by 6 Portuguese children and adolescents against 33 European states on the grounds of danger to life and limb due to insufficiently effective state climate protection measures.

The plaintiffs could not be expected to go through the courts of these states as an exception due to the extraordinary urgency in terms of time and content, and the action is also of overriding general interest.

The court thus follows the groundbreaking argumentation of the plaintiffs' supporting "Global Legal Action Network" (GLAN) and their legal officer Gerry Liston.

In an urgent procedure, the ECHR now requires the 33 European countries sued to provide evidence of sufficiently effective national climate protection measures within 3 months.

European court orders countries to respond to lawsuit from young climate activists | Global Ideas | DW | 30.11.2020

Portuguese Youth Climate Case v 33 Countries – Portuguese young people versus 33 countries ( 

Here is the application form: Application-form-annex.pdf (

In this unique case, for the first time in the world, it has been possible to force the European governments by urgent proceedings and at the highest level to show within 3 months to what extent they have adopted and implemented sufficiently effective climate protection measures in accordance with their obligations under the Paris Agreement.

Congratulations to the courageous plaintiffs and the most innovative GLAN team as well as to the exceptionally responsible judges of the ECHR.

Alone due to the fact that the limitation of the global warming aimed at in the Paris Agreement on 1,5 degrees according to the newest scientific statements of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) not approximately only in 2100 but already in 2024 are reached and further drastically exceeded - so that with continued not sufficient fulfillment of the Paris Agreement approx. 2100 absolutely deadly 5 degrees would be reached -,

Microsoft Word - WMO_Annual_to_Decadal_Climate_Update_2019 (

2020 may be third hottest year on record, world could hit climate change milestone by 2024 | | UN News

it is to be expected that the European Court of Human Rights, after professional examination, will condemn all defendant states to immediate and absolutely drastic climate protection measures, possibly even to an extraordinarily short-term immediate phase-out of all fossil energy as well as to an extraordinarily short-term complete conversion to renewable energies.

Because only in such a way and only now a threatening exceeding of the 1.5 degree goal in 2024 as well as a global absolutely deadly 5 degrees heat catastrophe in 2100 could possibly still be effectively prevented.

Karlsruhe, 15.12.2020
Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

This press release can be downloaded here.

Speech to Extinction Rebellion

Two instruments of international law for effective enforcement of the Paris Agreement:

International criminal law and "ius cogens“

Speech by lawyer Gisela Toussaint at the demonstration of Extinction Rebellion in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate on 7.10.2020

The greatest threat to all mankind is undoubtedly the climate catastrophe.

Without immediate and massive countermeasures, as decided in the Paris Agreement, various climate tipping points will be exceeded, leading to a very rapid global heating of the earth.
As a result, all of humanity would lose its existential basis for life within a few decades and be completely wiped out.

The problem we all face is that the governments are hardly implementing the Paris Agreement at all and that massive profit interests, especially of the fossil industry, have so far been very successful in preventing this.

Download the speech here.

Press release: The "International Law Commission" commits high treason against the United Nations as well as against the whole of humanity

The heart of the United Nations and thus of all humanity is the "highest international law", called "ius cogens".

Officially, the "ius cogens" have so far been the "UN Charter" and international criminal law, today's "Rome Statute".

This heart of the world community can only beat through

  1. the primacy of "ius cogens" over other international treaties under international law, as expressly laid down in Articles 53 and 64 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  2. the primacy of „ius cogens“-values over those expressed interests in other international treaties
  3. the legal consequence of the direct nullity of conflicting contracts and
  4. the obligation to acknowledge the nullity or to contractually adapt these defective contracts to the higher-ranking provisions of "ius cogens".

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:

This is to ensure that the very highest international law is actually implemented and not blocked and overruled by international treaties that disregard it.

Download the Press release here.

Press release: MERKEL wants to leave the sinking ship!

By now it should have become clear to parts of the German government that the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by the slash-and-burn raids that have been raging again for many months to such an extent that the three Amazon climate catastrophe tipping points have been exceeded and the evapotranspiration system is beginning to collapse irreversibly, with apocalyptic consequences for the entire world climate and the global foundations of human life.

The two main causes of the increasingly excessive slash-and-burn clearances are both the Brazilian draft law 191/20 of Bolsonaro on the legalization of land "acquired" by destruction of the rainforest and transformed into beef and soya production, and the exorbitant beef and soya purchase quotas envisaged in the MERCOSUR agreement.

As is well known, Merkel was instrumental in bringing the MERCOSUR agreement to a breakthrough with the central agreement of these beef and soya purchase quotas (against German cars, German machinery and German agrochemicals) and has held to it ironically until recently, despite massive and global protests by climate protectors. The ratification of the MERCOSUR agreement should even be a central focus of Germany's EU Council Presidency, which has just begun.

Now Merkel suddenly declares - apparently as a result of talks with FFF activists - that she has considerable doubts about the implementation of the MERCOSUR agreement.

In fact, however, she wants to sneak out - supposedly in time - of her responsibility for the decisive co-responsibility for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and its evapotranspiration system and thus of the entire world climate.

It will not succeed in this, because the connections are extremely obvious and their global effects are extremely dramatic and fatally irreversible.

As a major contributor to the global climate catastrophe that is now about to begin, she will also have to be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague on charges of global genocide and crimes against the whole of humanity under international criminal law.

Even if this prosecution by the International Criminal Court comes far too late to be able to successfully save humanity.

Karlsruhe, August 21, 2020

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Priority of Paris Agreement as new „ius cogens“ over WTO – climate protective fundamental reform of WTO required

Hier finden Sie einen außerordentlich interessanten ZEIT-Artikel über Äußerungen von Bundeswirtschaftsminister Peter Altmaier, der nach seiner altbekannten Strategie vorgeht, öffentlich Fehler einzuräumen, in Wirklichkeit aber alles beim Alten zu lassen und erneut eine massiv neoliberale Ausrichtung zu propagieren:

Interessanterweise sagt er am Ende:

„Alle Lösungen (zur Umsetzung des Paris Abkommens) müssen marktwirtschaftlichen Prinzipien folgen und mit den Regeln der Welthandelsorganisation WTO vereinbar sein“.

Dies behauptet er wohl, weil es sich offenbar nun bis in die Regierung rumgesprochen hat, dass eine (von der Regierung befürchtete) internationale rechtliche Bewertung des Paris Abkommens als „ius cogens“ genau das Gegenteil zur Folge hat, nämlich dass die global überlebensnotwendigen Klimaschutzmaßnahmen und die klimaschutzbedingten, grundlegenden wirtschaftspolitischen Strukturveränderungen, wie sie das Paris Abkommen fordert, absoluten Vorrang vor den bisherigen gewinnorientierten Marktprinzipien der WTO haben.

Es sind ja gerade extrem gewinnorientierte Industrien wie die Öl-, Kohle- und Gasindustrie, die unser Klima zerstören. Nach Altmaier müssten diese jedoch fröhlich weiter machen und unsere Welt zerstören dürfen. Der unerträglich hinausgezögerte deutsche Kohleausstieg, der nur noch durch strafbewehrtes kollusives Zusammenarbeiten zwischen Energiekonzernen und Bundesregierung zu erklären ist, ist ein Beispiel seiner Politik.

Altmaiers Kernaussage, dass Klimaschutz durch die Beibehaltung der bisherigen liberalen Marktwirtschaft möglich ist, ist insofern nicht nur absolut unhaltbar sondern vor dem Hintergrund des drohenden Untergangs der gesamten Menschheit zudem auch völkerstrafrechtlich relevant.

Denn der in der liberalen Marktwirtschaft verankerte prinzipielle Vorrang der Gewinnorientierung vor Gemeinwohlinteressen wie Klimaschutz und Ressourcenschonung bewirken, dass dies eben massiv erschwert bzw. unmöglich gemacht wird. Für einen schnellstmöglichen und effektiven Klimaschutz ist die bestehende Wirtschaftsordnung also völlig kontraproduktiv.

Auch Altmaiers Versuch der Verankerung seiner Position mit der WTO ist bemerkenswert, da der von den Industrienationen weltweit postulierte Vorrang der Profitorientierung allen Wirtschaftens vor Gemeinwohl- (und Klimaschutz-) Interessen  ja gerade in Art. XX GATT für die WTO grundlegend normiert ist, dieser bisherige (und immer schon falsche) Vorrang jedoch seit 2015 durch den neuen völkerrechtlichen Vorrang des Paris Abkommens als neues „ius cogens“ gemäß Art. 53, 64 Wiener Vertragsrechtskonvention praktisch nichtig ist und damit untergegangen ist.

Deshalb ist eine tiefgreifende und grundlegende Reform der WTO bzw. der Weltwirtschaft sowohl global überlebenswichtig als auch überfällig, in der der absolute Vorrang von Klimaschutz- und Gemeinwohlinteressen vor Profitinteressen festgeschrieben und durch die die gemäß des Paris Abkommens dringend erforderliche klimaschutzorientierte Transformation der Weltwirtschaft in eine klimaschutzbasierende Weltwirtschaft schnellstmöglich umgesetzt wird - um das Überleben der Menschheit auf diesem Planeten im letzten Moment noch sichern zu können.

Altmaier adé!

Wir brauchen deshalb außerordentlich dringend einen neuen, unbestechlichen, mutigen und visionären Wirtschaftsminister, der nicht stoisch und auf Kosten des Überlebens der gesamten Menschheit der fossilen Industrie weiter exorbitante Profite sichert sondern ganz im Gegenteil für die Sicherung des Überlebens der gesamten Menschheit eintritt, indem er auf eine sofortige klimaschutzbasierte Reform der WTO und der Weltwirtschaft besteht, die massiv klimaschädigenden und klimaschutzblockierenden Freihandelsabkommen wie CETA und EU-MERCOSUR aufkündigt, die massive Subventionierung der fossilen Industrie beendet, einen sofortigen weitgehenden Kohleausstieg ohne jegliche Schadensersatzzahlungen an die Energiekonzerne beschließt und den Klimaschutz in Deutschland in allen wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Bereichen mit allerhöchster Priorität durchsetzt.

Karlsruhe, 5.8.2020
Gisela Toussaint
Gergersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

2 international law instruments to save the world

Mail to UN Secretary-General from August 2nd 2020

Honorable UN Secretary-General António Guterres,

you will know these latest most alarming news about ongoing massive and encreasing slash and burn-devastation against the Amazon rainforest.

The arsonists go on to slash and burn

  • despite of the new fire moratorium.
  • despite of all your UN-appeals to save the Amazon as „lungs of earth“ and biggest global carbon sink.
  • despite of all your daily UN-appeals to fulfill the Paris Agreement to save climate and mankind.

So this UN-appeal policy most obviously does not work!

As Bolsonaro is still promoting to industrialize the Amazon area by land grabbing and destroying, still promoting the draft law 191/29 and still massively reducing the power of the brazilian ministry of environment to stop them prosecuting the arsonists to protect the Amazon, much more than UN-appeals have to be directed to him to stop him and his helpers.

And you will very clearly know that the international law does provide even two most powerful instruments which just need to be activated by you:

  • The International Criminal Court can force chiefs of governments like Bolsonaro to stop massively acting against the Paris Agreement by prosecuting and charging them of crime against humanity and genocide
  • The UN-General Assembly can proclaim the Paris Agreement a new „ius cogens“ and so most quickly implement the Paris Agreement at all legal, political and economic levels and start the most urgently needed climate protective „transformation“ of WTO and whole world economy to save mankind from climate collapse.

So it is your highest duty as UN Secretary-General to without any further delay proclaim with all your power that the Paris Agreement is a new „ius cogens“ which has to be implemented with absolute priority and that the International Criminal Court is most urgently oblidged to prosecute Bolsonaro and others as well as their helpers of crime against humanity and genocide.

For this proclamation you have been asked several times within the last three months to organize an Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly to decide a most efficient Emergency Resolution. 

So please do this at once before it is too late.

Because if it is already too late to save the Amazon rainforest and so to save whole mankind, this whould be your personal fault!

So whole mankind would blame you for not having proclaimed the right international law instruments in time to save the world !!!!

Don`t hessitate any longer to act!

Your sincerely

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31

76227 Karlsruhe

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