Impunity by resigning from global genocide?

Can a norm of international criminal law that has so far received little attention save humanity from the deadly climate catastrophe?

Im Rom Statut sind in Art. 25 Abs.3 f) Satz 2 universale, sehr klare, strenge und vor allem erfolgsorientierte Maßstäbe für einen strafbefreienden Rücktritt enthalten.

Strafbefreiender Rücktritt: Art. 25 Abs.3 f) Satz 2 Rom Statut

Der strafbefreiende Rücktritt ist in letzter Minute auch in das Rom Statut aufgenommen worden, weil er ein universales Grundprinzip

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To all Citizens of Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: (Kopie 1)

We are at the tipping point of survival or extinction of entire mankind!

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  • So use your vote for the survival of mankind to stop the massive further deadly heating of our atmosphere, oceans, ice and the entire earth by fossil fuels!
  • Kick out Putin, Trump, Prince Salman and bin Zayid as globally most aggressive and outdated oil state leaders!
  • Stop their starting World War III against Ukraine, Europe, NATO, UN, COP 28, Paris Agreement and entire mankind just to keep and even expand their lethal oil production, oil profits and oil power
  • bring them (and all their helpers, think tanks, chiefs of oil industry, investors and share holders) before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for global genocide and crimes against all humanity and get all their huge assets seized to easily finance the global energy transition
  • Vote for responsible forward-looking democratic leaders who will manage the immediate globally subsidized energy transition to renewables with highest priority
  • to most effectively save humanity from irreversible extinction at the last minute

V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Lawyer for Future, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

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Radio-Interview (short version)

The radio interview by Dr. Stefan Fuchs for KIT-Campus Radio from 22.11.2022
with Professor Volker Stelzer, ITAS, KIT and
lawyer Gisela Toussaint, Lawyers for Future,
in german language on the disappointing outcome of COP 27
can be downloaded here.

press release: 17 key demands for COP 27 of „Lawyers for Future“

As a member of the drafting team for the preparation of a list of demands, I hereby publish 17 key demands of „Lawyers for Future“ especially on the occasion of COP 27 against the will of the L4F-Executive Board.

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17 key demands of „Lawyers for Future“

Successfull new international law solutions to deadly global catastrophes

  1. Support the demands of „Fridays for Future“:
    Listen to the Scientists, implement the Paris Agreement as soon as possible, keep to the 1.5° limit, net zero by 2035, phase out coal by 2030, 100% renewable energies by 2035, €100 billion subsidies for renewable energies, prevent climate catastrophe tipping point of the Amazon rainforest, permafrost and Antarctica ...

The 17 key demands as well as short explanations you can download here.

"Climate before Profit!" says … what?

Article Review of

„Compliance with Climate Change Standards as a Justification to Violations of International Investment Treaty Obligations—an Analysis“ by Marcus Liew COMPLETE_V3_I2-05-Liew-Climate.pdf (
as Finalist of 2020-2021 Young ITA Writing Competition and Award: „New Voices in International Arbitration“
published by the Institute of Transnational Arbitration,Texas, USA, in ITA in Review 2021, Volume 3, Issue 2 ITA in Review - Vol 3, Issue 2 | Website review by Gisela Toussaint, Advocate, Germany

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It’s the Climate, stupid!

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