Radio-Interview (short version)

The radio interview by Dr. Stefan Fuchs for KIT-Campus Radio from 22.11.2022
with Professor Volker Stelzer, ITAS, KIT and
lawyer Gisela Toussaint, Lawyers for Future,
in german language on the disappointing outcome of COP 27
can be downloaded here.

press release: 17 key demands for COP 27 of „Lawyers for Future“

As a member of the drafting team for the preparation of a list of demands, I hereby publish 17 key demands of „Lawyers for Future“ especially on the occasion of COP 27 against the will of the L4F-Executive Board.

 The whole press release you can download here.

17 key demands of „Lawyers for Future“

Successfull new international law solutions to deadly global catastrophes

  1. Support the demands of „Fridays for Future“:
    Listen to the Scientists, implement the Paris Agreement as soon as possible, keep to the 1.5° limit, net zero by 2035, phase out coal by 2030, 100% renewable energies by 2035, €100 billion subsidies for renewable energies, prevent climate catastrophe tipping point of the Amazon rainforest, permafrost and Antarctica ...

The 17 key demands as well as short explanations you can download here.

"Climate before Profit!" says … what?

Article Review of

„Compliance with Climate Change Standards as a Justification to Violations of International Investment Treaty Obligations—an Analysis“ by Marcus Liew COMPLETE_V3_I2-05-Liew-Climate.pdf (
as Finalist of 2020-2021 Young ITA Writing Competition and Award: „New Voices in International Arbitration“
published by the Institute of Transnational Arbitration,Texas, USA, in ITA in Review 2021, Volume 3, Issue 2 ITA in Review - Vol 3, Issue 2 | Website review by Gisela Toussaint, Advocate, Germany

The whole expert article review you can download here.

It’s the Climate, stupid!

You may download the poster and as well send it to many others.

48 Gründe für Nichtigkeitsklage gegen Energiecharta Vertrag (Erweiterte Fassung)

48 Gründe für eine Nichtigkeitsklage gegen den Energiecharta-Vertrag (ECT) durch die neue Bundesregierung beim Internationalen Gerichtshof (IGH) in Den Haag mit Inzidenzprüfung des „ergänzenden delegierten Taxonomie-Rechtsakts“ wegen massiven Verstoßes gegen die höchstrangige und zwingend umzusetzende UN-Klimarahmenkonvention (UNFCCC) und das Paris Abkommen (PA) gem. Art. 53, 64, 65 und 66 Wiener Vertragsrechtskonvention (WVRK) (überarbeitete und erweiterte Fassung)

1. Die Einhaltung und Durchsetzung der UN-Klimarahmenkonvention sowie des Paris Abkommens sind absolut überlebenswichtig für die gesamte Menschheit.

Deshalb müssen über die allgemeinen, aber offensichtlich wenig erfolgreichen Appelle hinaus zusätzlich auch bestehende und höchst effektive völkerrechtliche Sanktions-Instrumente aktiv eingesetzt werden, um die Menschheit mit allen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln effektiv zu schützen.

Hier kommt insbesondere die völkerrechtliche Anerkennung der UN-Klimarahmenkonvention und des Paris Abkommens als neues höchstes und zwingend umzusetzendes Völkerrecht („ius cogens“) in Betracht, denn ein „ius cogens“ bewirkt, dass internationale Verträge, die diesem massiv widersprechen, vom Internationalen Gerichthof als nichtig bewertet werden müssen.

Den ganzen Brief können Sie hier downloaden.

Application to the Federal Constitutional Court for Transfer of proceedings to the Attorney General

Fri 30.04.2021 11:04

High Court,

In the above proceedings, I request that the files be closed and forwarded to the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Because this is not only about grossly erroneous government action in the area of climate protection measures.

By deliberately failing to adopt the urgently needed, survival-critical protective measures against the now massively escalating climate catastrophe, the Federal Government, in particular

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • Environment Minister Svenja Schulze
  • Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier

knowingly and thus intentionally or, with regard to the legal consequences of their actions/omissions, at least conditionally intentionally, is committing the attempt of


genocide according to Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute


crimes against humanity according to Art. 7 paragraph 1 (b) Rome Statute

against the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and the entire world population.

In addition to the - thankfully - clear and unambiguous findings of your Senate, impressive evidence of the intentionality of the defendants' actions can be found, for example, in the following reports:

Emissionsbudget: Zur wichtigsten Zahl beim Klimaschutz schweigt die Regierung - DER SPIEGEL

Geheimsache CO2 - Wie die Klimapläne der Regierung zur Erderwärmung beitragen | Kontraste - YouTube

Moreover, it is questionable whether, due to the repeated years of deliberate delay in the adoption of highly effective measures against global heating by the federal government, the experimental stage has already been exceeded and the occurrence of the demise of the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and the entire world population can no longer be averted, i.e. the elements of a crime are fulfilled.

To make matters worse, the German government is also aware that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has determined that the maximum level of global warming that can still be bearable, so 1.5°, will not be reached in 2030, but as early as 2024.

In this respect are not for example for years braked and finally obviously completely insufficient measures for the averting of the deadly climatic disaster but absolutely maximum power efforts - like the immediate exit from coal, oil and gas, the immediate ending of any fossil subsidies, the massive subsidization of renewable energies, the active protection of the Amazon rain forest by cancellation of the EU-MERCOSUR agreement, which has been massively destroying the Amazon rain forest since the treaty was announced, as well as a fundamentally new, climate protection-oriented economic policy - necessary to save the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the world population from the all-destroying, in the meantime exponentially increasing global warming.

New climate predictions assess global temperatures in coming five years | World Meteorological Organization (

WMO Provisional Report on the State of the Global Climate in 2020 - English - YouTube

2020 on track to be one of three warmest years on record | World Meteorological Organization (

Animation on the occasion of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 - English - December 2020 - YouTube

The federal government must resign immediately!

The completely inadequate and still thwarting any highly ambitious climate protection measures Federal Climate Protection Act has to be repealed as a whole immediately.

The above-mentioned, for the survival of the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the entire world population extremely urgently necessary, absolutely maximum protection measures for the averting of the beginning of the irreversible climatic disaster in 2024 are to be decided immediately by the parliament.

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Download the document  here