Press release FridaysForFuture calls for UN emergency special session

Today, the Amazon is already 20% destroyed and is being destroyed daily. The UN appeal strategy for immediate and comprehensive implementation of the Paris Agreement has not worked.

As a result, FFF-ICC Climate Action has written a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres, because an "emergency special session" of the UN General Assembly has to be convened to decide on highly effective measures in an "emergency resolution" to avert 3 climate collapse tipping points which are threatening to occur immediately due to the continued massive slash-and-burn deforestation in the Amazon region, thus threatening the viability of humanity.

Tipping points:
1. the collapse of the Amazon rainforest's evapotranspiration system (ability to self-hydrate) from 20-25% rainforest destruction.
2. the irreversible loss of the largest CO2 sink on earth and its transformation into a huge source of CO2 [2].
3. the carbon crunch curve will become too steep to save the climate, global warming will get out of control. [1][2][3][4].

Guterres replied and forwarded the letter to the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Tijjani Muhammad Bande. See annex and [6].

Now, at the latest by the end of June, the "emergency special session" must take place in order to decide on the effective protection measures we have already listed (see letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres), in particular through this the activation of the International Criminal Court. Because: massive action against the Paris Agreement, such as the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is, according to the definition of the International Criminal Court, Article 6c "genocide" and/or according to Article 7 Rome Statute "crime against humanity", so that those responsible for the destruction can be accused and sentenced before the International Criminal Court and at the same time the court can order drastic protective measures according to Article 68 Rome Statute.

The continuation of the fires in the Amazon, especially from August on, when the fires will become much stronger like last year, would once again drastically increase the destruction of about 20% of the Amazon rainforest [3].

This must not happen any more, because from 20 - 25% destruction [5a] the rainforest system will collapse according to calculations of high-ranking scientists like Thomas Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre, this will cause further tipping points as well as a dramatic heat and thus the destruction of the global basis of life, as well as the entire mankind.

We therefore call upon the whole world to support the immediate convening of the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly in June 2020 with all its strength and to call upon it to do the same, in order to avert the imminent entry of the Amazon tipping points just in time by adopting the emergency resolution (see letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres).

Yours sincerely,

Elias Pfeffer - FridaysForFuture - ICC Climate Action

+4917663895331, Schickhardtstr. 9, 72072 Tübingen, Germany



Letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres
Response from UN Secretary General António Guterres

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ZKM – „Critical Zones“ Lecture

This contribution could not be broadcast live for technical reasons and so is online here.

Public appeal to the Chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court in The Hague

Prevent the imminent arrival in 2020 of 3 Amazon climate catastrophe tipping points

  1. by immediately bringing charges before the ICC against governments, CEOs and investors and their helpers  for global genocide (Art. 6(c) Rome Statute) or Crimes against humanity (7(1)b Rome Statute)
    by failing to comply with or massively violating the Paris Convention
  2. by immediately ordering effective protective measures (Art. 68 Rome Statute) to protect the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous peoples living there as well as the entire world population!

We, the inhabitants of this one and only earth, all together face the seemingly (!) unsolvable problem that our livelihoods are not only being destroyed in dramatic proportions, but that we are acutely threatened by three caused by individuals climate collapse tipping points in 2020:

Download the public appeal here

Sign the appeal here


Alliance to save the world

Dear António Guterres (UNSG), Fatou Bensouda (ICC), Amal Clooney (ICC), Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace Int.), Dr. Monica de Bolle (Peterson Institute), Prof. Schellnhuber (PIK),

as you all know: If the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest continuous by only one further percent several tipping points of our climate will occur = point of no return for climate change. In short: The Evapotranspiration system gets lost (ability to self humidification) [1], → earth's biggest CO2 sink disappears[2], → quick enough shut down of CO2 emissions to stop global warming won't be possible anymore [1][2][3][4]

This causing is global genocide according to article 6(c) Rome Statute and crime against humanity article 7 (1)b Rome Statute! Fatou Bensouda and Amal Clooney: Please publish an official statement in the name of the International Criminal Court, start an investigation and implement protective measurements (Art. 68 Rome Statute).

António Guterres: Please ask the UNGA members to convene an emergency special session to convoke an emergency resolution.[5]

Jennifer Morgan, Dr. Monica de Bolle, Prof. Schellnhuber: Please organize an international, public support for our alliance with your scientific expertise.

Please report back and contact within each other.

Sincerely yours,

Elias Pfeffer - FridaysForFuture Europe

Schickhardtstr. 9, 72072 Tübingen, Germany, phone: +4917663895331






Emergency Special Session to Save our World

The international working group "Fridays for Future - ICC Climate Action" has asked UN Secretary-General António Guterres to ask the UN member states to convene an "Emergency Special Session" immediately.

This is because effective immediate measures against the threat of three man made climate catastrophe tipping points, which are still looming in 2020, must be discussed, decided upon and, in particular, implemented by the ICC.

We ask for worldwide media support. 

You can download the official letter here.

Quickly saving the world

Open letter to the President of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Voßkuhle,

so unmittelbar vor Ihrer Pensionierung und möglicherweise auch, um den Verlust des öffentlichen Vertrauens wegen der Person Ihres designierten Nachfolgers ein wenig abzumildern, könnten Sie als ranghöchster Repräsentant der Juristinnen und Juristen Deutschlands doch „kurz mal die Welt retten“.

Denn ein entscheidender Beitrag der juristischen Elite zur Rettung der Welt vor dem Eintritt der Klimakatastrophe ist nicht nur absolut überfällig sondern wohl praktisch bereits ab Ende diesen Jahres 2020 wegen des dann irreversiblen Eintritts von gleich drei menschengemachten Climate Collapse Tipping Points irrwitzigerweise auch gar nicht mehr möglich.

Die verbleibende Zeit ist also denkbar knapp.

Der gesamte Brief kann hier downgeloadet werden.

Climate Collapse Triple Tipping Point Year 2020

To at once avoid the threatening occurrence of even three manmade and then unreversable climate collapse tipping points in this year 2020 the call for an 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly – as telefone-conference – is needed to decide the „Global Emergency Resolution against Global genocide“, which you can download here.

Please support with all your power and on every level the very soon convening of the 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly.

Thank you!

Gisela Toussaint

Karlsruhe/Germany, 31.3.2020

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