Gisela Toussaint was born in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin as Gisela Seppeler and grew up in Gütersloh, Germany. After passing the Abitur (college entry exams), she studied history, math and law among other subjects at the Free University of Berlin. In 1993 she launched into work as an independent attorney in Berlin, later moving to Karlsruhe, Germany in 2009.

Her concept for designing interchangeable cell phone faceplates in the colors of L’ORÉAL nail polish led to the founding of VRANY Enterprises. In 2002, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Berlin Transit Company (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), she designed and produced a Chanel fashion line drawing on the red-and-orange checkered wool plush used for the seats of Berlin's fleet of busses. The product brought her sudden international fame, and Berlin ascended into a fashion metropolis.

Internship in business consulting in Singapore, China and India in the spring of 2007: this provided entry for a creative 'maverick' into the world of international business consulting. During this time she developed strategies for the European Chamber of Commerce on how to lure targeted European companies focused on climate protection technology to Singapore as a bridge for all of Southeast Asia. The strategy was adopted by the city-state, and today 'clean tech' is a booming new economic pillar in Singapore.

2008 Marriage to Dr. Guido Toussaint, an attorney at the German Federal Court of Justice, followed by relocation to Karlsruhe.

2009 Development of a peace plan for Israel and Palestine: joint construction of a prosperous Silicon Valley for climate protection technology.

My Mission

I read the signs of the time early
and create extraordinary products.
I invent patent-ready systems
and set trends.
I generate enthusiasm
and incite politico-economic development.
I design legal strategies against the destruction of Western democracies
and find constructive solutions.
I develop legal strategies for climate protection
and discover solutions by pointing out international criminal relevance.