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Impunity by resigning from global genocide?

Can a norm of international criminal law that has so far received little attention save humanity from the deadly climate catastrophe?


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KIT-Campus-Report Radio-Interview (short version)

The radio interview by Dr. Stefan Fuchs for KIT-Campus Radio from 22.11.2022
with Professor Volker Stelzer, ITAS, KIT and lawyer Gisela Toussaint, Lawyers for Future, in german language on the disappointing outcome of COP 27 can be downloaded here.



KIT-Campus-Report Radio-Interview (short version)

The radio interview by Dr. Stefan Fuchs for KIT-Campus Radio from 22.11.2022
with Professor Volker Stelzer, ITAS, KIT and lawyer Gisela Toussaint, Lawyers for Future, in german language on the disappointing outcome of COP 27 can be downloaded here.



press release: 17 key demands for COP 27of „Lawyers for Future“

press release: 17 key demands for COP 27 of „Lawyers for Future“


As a member of the drafting team for the preparation of a list of demands, I hereby publish 17 key demands of „Lawyers for Future“ especially on the occasion of COP 27 against the will of the L4F-Executive Board.


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"Climate before Profit!" says … what?

Article Review of

„Compliance with Climate Change Standards as a Justification to Violations of International Investment Treaty Obligations—an Analysis“ by Marcus Liew COMPLETE_V3_I2-05-Liew-Climate.pdf (
as Finalist of 2020-2021 Young ITA Writing Competition and Award: „New Voices in International Arbitration“
published by the Institute of Transnational Arbitration,Texas, USA, in ITA in Review 2021, Volume 3, Issue 2 ITA in Review - Vol 3, Issue 2 | Website review by Gisela Toussaint, Advocate, Germany


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You may download the poster and as well send it to many others.







Application to the Federal Constitutional Court for Transfer of proceedings to the Attorney General

Fri 30.04.2021 11:04


High Court,


In the above proceedings, I request that the files be closed and forwarded to the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Because this is not only about grossly erroneous government action in the area of climate protection measures.


By deliberately failing to adopt the urgently needed, survival-critical protective measures against the now

massively escalating climate catastrophe, the Federal Government, in particular


  • Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • Environment Minister Svenja Schulze
  • Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier


knowingly and thus intentionally or, with regard to the legal consequences of their actions/omissions, at least conditionally intentionally, is committing the attempt of


genocide according to Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute




crimes against humanity according to Art. 7 paragraph 1 (b) Rome Statute


against the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and the entire world population.


In addition to the - thankfully - clear and unambiguous findings of your Senate, impressive evidence of the intentionality of the defendants' actions can be found, for example, in the following reports:


Emissionsbudget: Zur wichtigsten Zahl beim Klimaschutz schweigt die Regierung - DER SPIEGEL


Geheimsache CO2 - Wie die Klimapläne der Regierung zur Erderwärmung beitragen | Kontraste - YouTube


Moreover, it is questionable whether, due to the repeated years of deliberate delay in the adoption of highly effective measures against global heating by the federal government, the experimental stage has already been exceeded and the occurrence of the demise of the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany and the entire world population can no longer be averted, i.e. the elements of a crime are fulfilled.


To make matters worse, the German government is also aware that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has determined that the maximum level of global warming that can still be bearable, so 1.5°, will not be reached in 2030, but as early as 2024.


In this respect are not for example for years braked and finally obviously completely insufficient measures for the averting of the deadly climatic disaster but absolutely maximum power efforts - like the immediate exit from coal, oil and gas, the immediate ending of any fossil subsidies, the massive subsidization of renewable energies, the active protection of the Amazon rain forest by cancellation of the EU-MERCOSUR agreement, which has been massively destroying the Amazon rain forest since the treaty was announced, as well as a fundamentally new, climate protection-oriented economic policy - necessary to save the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the world population from the all-destroying, in the meantime exponentially increasing global warming.


New climate predictions assess global temperatures in coming five years | World Meteorological Organization (


WMO Provisional Report on the State of the Global Climate in 2020 - English - YouTube


2020 on track to be one of three warmest years on record | World Meteorological Organization (


Animation on the occasion of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020 - English - December 2020 - YouTube


The federal government must resign immediately!


The completely inadequate and still thwarting any highly ambitious climate protection measures Federal Climate Protection Act has to be repealed as a whole immediately.


The above-mentioned, for the survival of the plaintiffs, the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the entire world population extremely urgently necessary, absolutely maximum protection measures for the averting of the beginning of the irreversible climatic disaster in 2024 are to be decided immediately by the parliament.

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe


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prosecuting banking on climate chaos

Dear Attorney General of Federal Republic of Germany Peter Frank,

In the enclosed new report of the Rainforest Action Network you find all necessary details, how and which banks all over the world massively violate the Paris Agreement by financing fossil industry and so knowingly destroy the entire mankind.

You and your team just have to google the names of the CEOs and board members of all these banks and then you can start official investigations against them because of having committed and further committing 

  • genocide acc. Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute and
  • crime against humanity acc. Art. 7 (1) b Rome Statute.

According to the „Weltrechtssystem“ you are able to start investigations as well against offenders from other states.

And to prevent any further committing of the accused highest crimes you yourself are absolutely oblidged to most officially start investigations against each of the offenders and most immediately stop and prosecute them.

Further the highly illegal invested fossil money is at once to be confiscated and best invested into renewable energy.


Karlsruhe, Germany, March 24 2021


Best regards


Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe



Download the document  here


Press Release: Epochal decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

On November 30, 2020, the ECHR allowed a direct action by 6 Portuguese children and adolescents against 33 European states on the grounds of danger to life and limb due to insufficiently effective state climate protection measures.


The plaintiffs could not be expected to go through the courts of these states as an exception due to the extraordinary urgency in terms of time and content, and the action is also of overriding general interest.


The court thus follows the groundbreaking argumentation of the plaintiffs' supporting "Global Legal Action Network" (GLAN) and their legal officer Gerry Liston.


In an urgent procedure, the ECHR now requires the 33 European countries sued to provide evidence of sufficiently effective national climate protection measures within 3 months.

European court orders countries to respond to lawsuit from young climate activists | Global Ideas | DW | 30.11.2020

Portuguese Youth Climate Case v 33 Countries – Portuguese young people versus 33 countries ( 


Here is the application form: Application-form-annex.pdf (


In this unique case, for the first time in the world, it has been possible to force the European governments by urgent proceedings and at the highest level to show within 3 months to what extent they have adopted and implemented sufficiently effective climate protection measures in accordance with their obligations under the Paris Agreement.


Congratulations to the courageous plaintiffs and the most innovative GLAN team as well as to the exceptionally responsible judges of the ECHR.


Alone due to the fact that the limitation of the global warming aimed at in the Paris Agreement on 1,5 degrees according to the newest scientific statements of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) not approximately only in 2100 but already in 2024 are reached and further drastically exceeded - so that with continued not sufficient fulfillment of the Paris Agreement approx. 2100 absolutely deadly 5 degrees would be reached -,


Microsoft Word - WMO_Annual_to_Decadal_Climate_Update_2019 (

2020 may be third hottest year on record, world could hit climate change milestone by 2024 | | UN News


It is to be expected that the European Court of Human Rights, after professional examination, will condemn all defendant states to immediate and absolutely drastic climate protection measures, possibly even to an extraordinarily short-term immediate phase-out of all fossil energy as well as to an extraordinarily short-term complete conversion to renewable energies.

Because only in such a way and only now a threatening exceeding of the 1.5 degree goal in 2024 as well as a global absolutely deadly 5 degrees heat catastrophe in 2100 could possibly still be effectively prevented.


Karlsruhe, 15.12.2020
Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe


This press release can be downloaded here.

Speech to Extinction Rebellion

Two instruments of international law for effective enforcement of the Paris Agreement:

International criminal law and "ius cogens“


Speech by lawyer Gisela Toussaint at the demonstration of Extinction Rebellion in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate on 7.10.2020



The greatest threat to all mankind is undoubtedly the climate catastrophe.


Without immediate and massive countermeasures, as decided in the Paris Agreement, various climate tipping points will be exceeded, leading to a very rapid global heating of the earth.
As a result, all of humanity would lose its existential basis for life within a few decades and be completely wiped out.


The problem we all face is that the governments are hardly implementing the Paris Agreement at all and that massive profit interests, especially of the fossil industry, have so far been very successful in preventing this.


Download the speech here.

Press release: The "International Law Commission" commits high treason against the United Nations as well as against the whole of humanity

The heart of the United Nations and thus of all humanity is the "highest international law", called "ius cogens".


Officially, the "ius cogens" have so far been the "UN Charter" and international criminal law, today's "Rome Statute".


This heart of the world community can only beat through

  1. the primacy of "ius cogens" over other international treaties under international law, as expressly laid down in Articles 53 and 64 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  2. the primacy of „ius cogens“-values over those expressed interests in other international treaties
  3. the legal consequence of the direct nullity of conflicting contracts and
  4. the obligation to acknowledge the nullity or to contractually adapt these defective contracts to the higher-ranking provisions of "ius cogens".


Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:


This is to ensure that the very highest international law is actually implemented and not blocked and overruled by international treaties that disregard it.


Download the Press release here.

Press release: MERKEL wants to leave the sinking ship!

By now it should have become clear to parts of the German government that the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by the slash-and-burn raids that have been raging again for many months to such an extent that the three Amazon climate catastrophe tipping points have been exceeded and the evapotranspiration system is beginning to collapse irreversibly, with apocalyptic consequences for the entire world climate and the global foundations of human life.


The two main causes of the increasingly excessive slash-and-burn clearances are both the Brazilian draft law 191/20 of Bolsonaro on the legalization of land "acquired" by destruction of the rainforest and transformed into beef and soya production, and the exorbitant beef and soya purchase quotas envisaged in the MERCOSUR agreement.


As is well known, Merkel was instrumental in bringing the MERCOSUR agreement to a breakthrough with the central agreement of these beef and soya purchase quotas (against German cars, German machinery and German agrochemicals) and has held to it ironically until recently, despite massive and global protests by climate protectors. The ratification of the MERCOSUR agreement should even be a central focus of Germany's EU Council Presidency, which has just begun.


Now Merkel suddenly declares - apparently as a result of talks with FFF activists - that she has considerable doubts about the implementation of the MERCOSUR agreement.


In fact, however, she wants to sneak out - supposedly in time - of her responsibility for the decisive co-responsibility for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and its evapotranspiration system and thus of the entire world climate.


It will not succeed in this, because the connections are extremely obvious and their global effects are extremely dramatic and fatally irreversible.


As a major contributor to the global climate catastrophe that is now about to begin, she will also have to be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague on charges of global genocide and crimes against the whole of humanity under international criminal law.


Even if this prosecution by the International Criminal Court comes far too late to be able to successfully save humanity.


Karlsruhe, August 21, 2020

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Priority of Paris Agreement as new „ius cogens“ over WTO – climate protective fundamental reform of WTO required

Hier finden Sie einen außerordentlich interessanten ZEIT-Artikel über Äußerungen von Bundeswirtschaftsminister Peter Altmaier, der nach seiner altbekannten Strategie vorgeht, öffentlich Fehler einzuräumen, in Wirklichkeit aber alles beim Alten zu lassen und erneut eine massiv neoliberale Ausrichtung zu propagieren:


Interessanterweise sagt er am Ende:


„Alle Lösungen (zur Umsetzung des Paris Abkommens) müssen marktwirtschaftlichen Prinzipien folgen und mit den Regeln der Welthandelsorganisation WTO vereinbar sein“.


Dies behauptet er wohl, weil es sich offenbar nun bis in die Regierung rumgesprochen hat, dass eine (von der Regierung befürchtete) internationale rechtliche Bewertung des Paris Abkommens als „ius cogens“ genau das Gegenteil zur Folge hat, nämlich dass die global überlebensnotwendigen Klimaschutzmaßnahmen und die klimaschutzbedingten, grundlegenden wirtschaftspolitischen Strukturveränderungen, wie sie das Paris Abkommen fordert, absoluten Vorrang vor den bisherigen gewinnorientierten Marktprinzipien der WTO haben.


Es sind ja gerade extrem gewinnorientierte Industrien wie die Öl-, Kohle- und Gasindustrie, die unser Klima zerstören. Nach Altmaier müssten diese jedoch fröhlich weiter machen und unsere Welt zerstören dürfen. Der unerträglich hinausgezögerte deutsche Kohleausstieg, der nur noch durch strafbewehrtes kollusives Zusammenarbeiten zwischen Energiekonzernen und Bundesregierung zu erklären ist, ist ein Beispiel seiner Politik.


Altmaiers Kernaussage, dass Klimaschutz durch die Beibehaltung der bisherigen liberalen Marktwirtschaft möglich ist, ist insofern nicht nur absolut unhaltbar sondern vor dem Hintergrund des drohenden Untergangs der gesamten Menschheit zudem auch völkerstrafrechtlich relevant.


Denn der in der liberalen Marktwirtschaft verankerte prinzipielle Vorrang der Gewinnorientierung vor Gemeinwohlinteressen wie Klimaschutz und Ressourcenschonung bewirken, dass dies eben massiv erschwert bzw. unmöglich gemacht wird. Für einen schnellstmöglichen und effektiven Klimaschutz ist die bestehende Wirtschaftsordnung also völlig kontraproduktiv.


Auch Altmaiers Versuch der Verankerung seiner Position mit der WTO ist bemerkenswert, da der von den Industrienationen weltweit postulierte Vorrang der Profitorientierung allen Wirtschaftens vor Gemeinwohl- (und Klimaschutz-) Interessen  ja gerade in Art. XX GATT für die WTO grundlegend normiert ist, dieser bisherige (und immer schon falsche) Vorrang jedoch seit 2015 durch den neuen völkerrechtlichen Vorrang des Paris Abkommens als neues „ius cogens“ gemäß Art. 53, 64 Wiener Vertragsrechtskonvention praktisch nichtig ist und damit untergegangen ist.


Deshalb ist eine tiefgreifende und grundlegende Reform der WTO bzw. der Weltwirtschaft sowohl global überlebenswichtig als auch überfällig, in der der absolute Vorrang von Klimaschutz- und Gemeinwohlinteressen vor Profitinteressen festgeschrieben und durch die die gemäß des Paris Abkommens dringend erforderliche klimaschutzorientierte Transformation der Weltwirtschaft in eine klimaschutzbasierende Weltwirtschaft schnellstmöglich umgesetzt wird - um das Überleben der Menschheit auf diesem Planeten im letzten Moment noch sichern zu können.


Altmaier adé!


Wir brauchen deshalb außerordentlich dringend einen neuen, unbestechlichen, mutigen und visionären Wirtschaftsminister, der nicht stoisch und auf Kosten des Überlebens der gesamten Menschheit der fossilen Industrie weiter exorbitante Profite sichert sondern ganz im Gegenteil für die Sicherung des Überlebens der gesamten Menschheit eintritt, indem er auf eine sofortige klimaschutzbasierte Reform der WTO und der Weltwirtschaft besteht, die massiv klimaschädigenden und klimaschutzblockierenden Freihandelsabkommen wie CETA und EU-MERCOSUR aufkündigt, die massive Subventionierung der fossilen Industrie beendet, einen sofortigen weitgehenden Kohleausstieg ohne jegliche Schadensersatzzahlungen an die Energiekonzerne beschließt und den Klimaschutz in Deutschland in allen wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Bereichen mit allerhöchster Priorität durchsetzt.


Karlsruhe, 5.8.2020
Gisela Toussaint
Gergersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

2 international law instruments to save the world

Mail to UN Secretary-General from August 2nd 2020


Honorable UN Secretary-General António Guterres,


you will know these latest most alarming news about ongoing massive and encreasing slash and burn-devastation against the Amazon rainforest.


The arsonists go on to slash and burn

  • despite of the new fire moratorium.
  • despite of all your UN-appeals to save the Amazon as „lungs of earth“ and biggest global carbon sink.
  • despite of all your daily UN-appeals to fulfill the Paris Agreement to save climate and mankind.


So this UN-appeal policy most obviously does not work!


As Bolsonaro is still promoting to industrialize the Amazon area by land grabbing and destroying, still promoting the draft law 191/29 and still massively reducing the power of the brazilian ministry of environment to stop them prosecuting the arsonists to protect the Amazon, much more than UN-appeals have to be directed to him to stop him and his helpers.


And you will very clearly know that the international law does provide even two most powerful instruments which just need to be activated by you:

  • The International Criminal Court can force chiefs of governments like Bolsonaro to stop massively acting against the Paris Agreement by prosecuting and charging them of crime against humanity and genocide
  • The UN-General Assembly can proclaim the Paris Agreement a new „ius cogens“ and so most quickly implement the Paris Agreement at all legal, political and economic levels and start the most urgently needed climate protective „transformation“ of WTO and whole world economy to save mankind from climate collapse.


So it is your highest duty as UN Secretary-General to without any further delay proclaim with all your power that the Paris Agreement is a new „ius cogens“ which has to be implemented with absolute priority and that the International Criminal Court is most urgently oblidged to prosecute Bolsonaro and others as well as their helpers of crime against humanity and genocide.


For this proclamation you have been asked several times within the last three months to organize an Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly to decide a most efficient Emergency Resolution. 


So please do this at once before it is too late.


Because if it is already too late to save the Amazon rainforest and so to save whole mankind, this whould be your personal fault!


So whole mankind would blame you for not having proclaimed the right international law instruments in time to save the world !!!!


Don`t hessitate any longer to act!


Your sincerely

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31

76227 Karlsruhe

FFF-Open Letter to Guterres

Today the „FrifdaysForFuture – ICC Climate Action“ group called in an open letter to António Guterres to immediately convene an Emergency Special Session to save the world. You can download it here.

Website FFF-ICC Climate Action

Finally the website of the „FrifdaysForFuture – ICC Climate Action“ group is ready and you can find it here.

Press release FridaysForFuture calls for UN emergency special session

Today, the Amazon is already 20% destroyed and is being destroyed daily. The UN appeal strategy for immediate and comprehensive implementation of the Paris Agreement has not worked.

As a result, FFF-ICC Climate Action has written a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres, because an "emergency special session" of the UN General Assembly has to be convened to decide on highly effective measures in an "emergency resolution" to avert 3 climate collapse tipping points which are threatening to occur immediately due to the continued massive slash-and-burn deforestation in the Amazon region, thus threatening the viability of humanity.

Tipping points:
1. the collapse of the Amazon rainforest's evapotranspiration system (ability to self-hydrate) from 20-25% rainforest destruction.
2. the irreversible loss of the largest CO2 sink on earth and its transformation into a huge source of CO2 [2].
3. the carbon crunch curve will become too steep to save the climate, global warming will get out of control. [1][2][3][4].

Guterres replied and forwarded the letter to the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Tijjani Muhammad Bande. See annex and [6].

Now, at the latest by the end of June, the "emergency special session" must take place in order to decide on the effective protection measures we have already listed (see letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres), in particular through this the activation of the International Criminal Court. Because: massive action against the Paris Agreement, such as the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is, according to the definition of the International Criminal Court, Article 6c "genocide" and/or according to Article 7 Rome Statute "crime against humanity", so that those responsible for the destruction can be accused and sentenced before the International Criminal Court and at the same time the court can order drastic protective measures according to Article 68 Rome Statute.

The continuation of the fires in the Amazon, especially from August on, when the fires will become much stronger like last year, would once again drastically increase the destruction of about 20% of the Amazon rainforest [3].

This must not happen any more, because from 20 - 25% destruction [5a] the rainforest system will collapse according to calculations of high-ranking scientists like Thomas Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre, this will cause further tipping points as well as a dramatic heat and thus the destruction of the global basis of life, as well as the entire mankind.

We therefore call upon the whole world to support the immediate convening of the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly in June 2020 with all its strength and to call upon it to do the same, in order to avert the imminent entry of the Amazon tipping points just in time by adopting the emergency resolution (see letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres).

Yours sincerely,

Elias Pfeffer - FridaysForFuture - ICC Climate Action

+4917663895331, Schickhardtstr. 9, 72072 Tübingen, Germany




Letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres

Response from UN Secretary General António Guterres


Download Press release

ZKM – „Critical Zones“ Lecture

This contribution could not be broadcast live for technical reasons and so is online here.

Alliance to save the world

Dear António Guterres (UNSG), Fatou Bensouda (ICC), Amal Clooney (ICC), Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace Int.), Dr. Monica de Bolle (Peterson Institute), Prof. Schellnhuber (PIK),

as you all know: If the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest continuous by only one further percent several tipping points of our climate will occur = point of no return for climate change. In short: The Evapotranspiration system gets lost (ability to self humidification) [1], ? earth's biggest CO2 sink disappears[2], ? quick enough shut down of CO2 emissions to stop global warming won't be possible anymore [1][2][3][4]


This causing is global genocide according to article 6(c) Rome Statute and crime against humanity article 7 (1)b Rome Statute! Fatou Bensouda and Amal Clooney: Please publish an official statement in the name of the International Criminal Court, start an investigation and implement protective measurements (Art. 68 Rome Statute).


António Guterres: Please ask the UNGA members to convene an emergency special session to convoke an emergency resolution.[5]


Jennifer Morgan, Dr. Monica de Bolle, Prof. Schellnhuber: Please organize an international, public support for our alliance with your scientific expertise.


Please report back and contact within each other.


Sincerely yours,


Elias Pfeffer - FridaysForFuture Europe


Schickhardtstr. 9, 72072 Tübingen, Germany, phone: +4917663895331











Emergency Special Session to Save our World

The international working group "Fridays for Future - ICC Climate Action" has asked UN Secretary-General António Guterres to ask the UN member states to convene an "Emergency Special Session" immediately.


This is because effective immediate measures against the threat of three man made climate catastrophe tipping points, which are still looming in 2020, must be discussed, decided upon and, in particular, implemented by the ICC.


We ask for worldwide media support.


You can download the official letter here.

Quickly saving the world

Open letter to the President of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany

Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Voßkuhle,

so unmittelbar vor Ihrer Pensionierung und möglicherweise auch, um den Verlust des öffentlichen Vertrauens wegen der Person Ihres designierten Nachfolgers ein wenig abzumildern, könnten Sie als ranghöchster Repräsentant der Juristinnen und Juristen Deutschlands doch „kurz mal die Welt retten“.

Denn ein entscheidender Beitrag der juristischen Elite zur Rettung der Welt vor dem Eintritt der Klimakatastrophe ist nicht nur absolut u?berfällig sondern wohl praktisch bereits ab Ende diesen Jahres 2020 wegen des dann irreversiblen Eintritts von gleich drei menschengemachten Climate Collapse Tipping Points irrwitzigerweise auch gar nicht mehr möglich.

Die verbleibende Zeit ist also denkbar knapp.


Der gesamte Brief kann hier downgeloadet werden.

Climate Collapse Triple Tipping Point Year 2020

To at once avoid the threatening occurrence of even three manmade and then unreversable climate collapse tipping points in this year 2020 the call for an 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly – as telefone-conference – is needed to decide the „Global Emergency Resolution against Global genocide“, which you can download here.


Please support with all your power and on every level the very soon convening of the 11th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly.


Thank you!


Gisela Toussaint

Karlsruhe/Germany, 31.3.2020

Requested Appointment with ICC to stop Global Genocide

Jean Ziegler, Vice President of UNHRCAC, and a small team have very urgently requested an appointment with Madame Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, to discuss, how the ICC most effectively may – and has to - stop Global Genocide.


The text of the request you can download here.


The list of supposed culprits you can download here

The ICC has to stop Global Genocide!

Appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC)


Not to fulfil Paris Agreement (PA) as well as massively acting against it –specially by expanding fossil fuel production - by persons, who are obliged to fulfil PA, and/or organized groups of these offenders is global genocide against whole mankind by ‘joint criminal enterprise’.


To allow, instigate, order, plan, commit, execute, aid and/or abet the industrial destruction of the Brazilian rainforest as global carbon sinks is genocide against indigenous peoples in Brazil as well as global genocide by ‘joint criminal enterprise’.


Climate Scientists fear the collaps of the Brazilian rain forest allready by 2021.


Therefore mankind is existencially threatened by a man-made ecological and climatological Super-MCA.


As a consequence we call the ICC to most immediately


1. start official investigations against the supposed culprits because of global genocide (Art.6 (c) Rome Statute) and crime against humanity (Art. 7 para.1 (b) Rome Statute)


2. order provisional protection measurements according to Art. 68 Rome Statute to protect the Brazilian indigenous people, the Brazilian rainforest as global carbon sink, global climate and whole mankind


3. build an “International ICC-Task-Force against Global Genocide” as well as a special “International ICC-Task-Force against Industrial Destruction of Rain Forests”


download the appeal here


V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany,


fridays for future short film: seven - Fridays for Future Cologne

Open Letter for Future to COP 25

Open Letter for Future to COP 25

Dear UN-Secretary General, Antònio Guterres, dear Delegates of all nations, all people, all nature and entire earth. Dear Delegates of mankind and planet.

Dear governmental, industrial and financial Lobbyists of international fossil, chemical, mining, military, automotive and agro industry.

Dear cultural, economic and juristical global Establishment as well as Fridays for Future.

We all know that this is the very last UN-Conference of the Parties with the chance to successfully save our planet and to save mankind from global extinction by the just starting climate catastrophe.

We all know that only the most ambitious fulfilling of the Paris Agreement by all governments, industies and finance

– by massively reducing fossil and beef GHG-emissions , keeping CO?-sinks like rainforests, saving the soils, nature and biodiversity, quickly decarbonizing global economy and changing to renewable energy and fossil free public transport –

will keep the global warming on the level of 1,5°C and so stop the climate catastrophe, the destruction of global life fundaments and extinction of mankind.

And we all have experienced that all our begging for climate action to governments, industry and finance has been mostly in vain.


If we don’t find out the reason and if we don’t fight this reason at once with full power, our planet will very soon heat up to 3, 6 and much more degrees and so every single person of mankind will starve to death, die by overheating, commit family suicide, commit terroristic acts, start wars or/and be slaughtered within an increadible apocalypse - without any survivors.

The reason for willingly not acting or not acting most ambitiously will be the same reason as for willingly acting against the Paris Agreement.

So we may find the reason, if we look at the main findings of the new and first

„The Production Gap 2019 Report“ of UNEP:

„Governments are planning to produce about 50% more fossil fuels by 2030 than would be consistent with a 2°C pathway and 120% more than would be consistent with a 1,5°C pathway.“


„The continued expansion of fossil fuel production – and widening of the global production gap – is underpinned by a combination of ambitious national plans, governmental subsidies to producers, and other forms of public finance.“


„This hinders the collective ability of countries to meet global climate goals, and it further widens not just the production gap, but the emmissions gap as well.“


„Several governments have already adopted policies to restrict fossil fuel production, providing momentum and important lessons for broader adoption.“


„International cooperation plays a central role in winding down fossil fuel production.“


So most governments still are - forced or willingly - collaborating with fossil industry to pay them subsidies for fossil fuel production and even to give governmental allowance to massively expand the fossil fuel production.

The support of massive expansions of fossil fuel (beef, car, deforestation) industry is done as well by EU-governmental radical neoliberal free trade agreements like CETA, JEFTA, EUSFTA, EU-MERCOSUR.


These trade agreements as well allow industry to „press and sue“ nations to avoid climate protective measures. But as the Paris Agreement has the highest degree of international law (ius cogens), all minor and opposing trade agreements (and Art. XX GATT) have to be judged invalid (Art. 53 VCLT).


As a result even the most ambitious official nationally determinded contributions (NDCs) – and as well the planned agreement of an international CO? emission price – will be neutralized by the inofficial governmental and financial support of massive expansions of fossil fuel (and other) industry for short-term huge neoliberal profits and for long-term and meanwhile soon extinction of mankind!


This massive acting against the Paris Agreement will cause the extinction of mankind.


So this is nothing less than committing global „genocide“ according to Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute and „crime against humanity“ according to Art. 7 I (b) Rome Statute.


As bitter but crucial, existential and global economic consequences

the Delegates of the COP 25 should

1. stop begging governments, industry and finance to start serious climate action but
2. start pointing out the most serious impact of international criminal law of genocide by not fulfilling the Paris Agreement and
3. start official investigations against these governments, heads of fossil industry (and others)
4. call the International Criminal Court (ICC) for immediate action against global genocide
5. call all governments, industry and finance to stop supporting and funding fossil fuel, fossil cars, beef, soy, agro, agro chemical and deforestation industry
6. officially declare the Paris Agreement a new „ius cogens“and
7. ban all Paris Agreement blockading EU- and WTO-trade agreements
8. call all governments, industry and finance to start most ambitious climate action to fulfill the Paris Agreement to save mankind
9. declare the change of global economy system from most destructive neoliberal economy not to a „European Fake Green Deal“ but to a most constructive and climate protective „New Planetary Deal“

Karlsruhe, Germany, 3.12.2019

„People‘s Movement for New Planetary Deal“
V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany,


Download the Open Letter here.

Download the JEFTA Ergänzungsschriftsatz  here.

„Governments must act now and comprehensively to avoid the total catastrophe!“

„Governments must act now and comprehensively to avoid the total catastrophe!“







In the now top current issue of the Washington Post by the yes men of 1st of May 2019 there is announced the stepping back of US President Donald Trump, and much more.


You can download the 8 pages of this very special edition here.


An older issue of the Washington Post by the yes men of 4th of July 2009 announced the nationalization of the oil industry and much more fantastic news. You can download the 14 pages here.

Climate Emergency


Our World is facing


There is only this year left for us to take drastic legal emergency measures like

  • Stopping all direct und indirect state subsidies for oil, coal and gas, instead high taxation
  • Passing resolutions for subsidies worth millions for produktion, trade and usage of renewable energies, and for related tax reliefs


to in 2020 really achieve to drop sharply the CO²-emission curve and so to – just in time - manage to stop globale climate catastrophe efficiently.


All Governments as well as the United Nationes are called to immediately push the fulfilling of the the Paris Agreement and to take highly ambitious and drastic emergency measurements to safe mankind.


To push through this global demand striking pupils all over the world as well as their supporters may download this public appeal as demonstration poster or flyer here.

"Mankind in itself is … not protected"


The German Chief Federal Prosecutor refuses to process my charge of crime of global genocide of 6.9.2018 with the total absurd argument:


„Mankind in itself is (by Art. 6 and 7 Rome Statute, abbr. G.T.) … not protected“.


(The english version of the charge of crime (for the ICC) you can download here, the statement of the German Chief Federal Prosecutor here).



Press Conference of Scientists4Future on 12.3.2019

BPK: "Scientists for Future" zu den Protesten für mehr Klimaschutz - 12. März 2019

Watch the video here

The joint statment of 12.3.2019 you can find here (PDF Download).

Epochal Speach by Greta Thunberg

Watch the video here


"...We need to focus every inch of our being on climate change. Because if we fail to do so then all our achievements and progress have been for nothing.


And all that will remain of our political leaders legacy, will be the greatest failure of human history. And they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time because they have choosen not to listen and not to act. But this does not have to be. There is still time...."


from the Speech by Greta Thunberg, Climate Activist, at the Congress of the European Economic -and Social Committee on 21.2.2019 in Brussels.


The whole speach you can read here (PDF Download)

Presseerklärung zur JEFTA-Klage v. 29.01.2019

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


anbei übersende ich Ihnen eine Verfassungsklage gegen das Freihandelsabkommen neuer Generation zwischen Japan und der EU (JEFTA) , die heute eingereicht wurde.

Die 9.394 BeschwerdeführerInnen fordern, angeführt von Frau Grimmenstein-Balas, die Feststellung, dass das Abkommen schwebend unwirksam ist, weil die Zustimmungen aller EU-Mitgliedstaaten fehlen.

Denn das EU-only-Gutachten des EuGH verstößt u.a. eindeutig gegen Art. 191 Abs. 4 AEUV und wird in der Verfassungsklage noch mit vielen weiteren Argumenten wiederlegt. Damit müssen ab sofort alle Freihandelsabkommen als „gemischte Abkommen“ verhandelt werden.

Zudem ist JEFTA nichtig, weil es gegen höchstes Völkerrecht (ius cogens) verstößt, weil durch Art. 16.4.5 JEFTA Klimaschutzmaßnahmen nur erlaubt sein sollen, wenn sie kein Handelshindernis darstellen.

Das ist insofern absurd, als praktisch jede Klimaschutzmaßnahme – wie die Schließung von Kohlekraftwerken oder der Entzug von Ölförderkonzessionen – den betroffenen Betreiber an der Fortsetzung seines bisherigen Handels hindert.

Wir machen hierbei geltend, dass man das UN-Klimaschutzabkommen von Paris als höchstes Völkerrecht bewerten und in dessen allerhöchsten Schutz stellen muss. Schließlich soll es als Notstands-Abkommen durch eine neue klimaneutrale, soziale Weltwirtschaft das Überleben der Menschheit ermöglichen.

Weiter stellt JEFTA aufgrund des Ausschusswesens eine Entmachtung der parlamentarischen Demokratie dar.

Und schließlich soll JEFTA offenbar als Instrument des Neoliberalismus eingesetzt werden, um massiv die verfassungsrechtlich geschützten sozialen Rechte und die ebenfalls verfassungsrechtlich geschützte soziale Marktwirtschaft zurückdrängen.

Hierzu legen wir dar, dass der Neoliberalismus inzwischen so aggressiv wird, dass er sogar die Menschenrechte und die UNO für überholt erklärt (siehe: WEF-The Global-Risks-Report und Presseerklärung v. 18.1.2019 auf, um diese als Handelshemmnisse beiseiteschieben zu können.

Zur Umsetzung des UN-Klimaschutzabkommens ist der Erhalt der sozialen Marktwirtschaft jedoch wichtiger denn je.

Wir erwarten hiernach umgehend eine Erklärung der EU-Kommission und auch der Bundesregierung, dass JEFTA aus rechtlichen Gründen bis auf weiteres schwebend unwirksam ist.

Und wir erwarten eine breite lebhafte öffentliche Diskussion.

Zum Schutz der parlamentarischen Demokratie, der sozialen Marktwirtschaft und des UN-Klimaschutzabkommens muss JEFTA für verfassungswidrig, völkerrechtswidrig und nichtig erklärt werden.

Karlsruhe, 29.1.2019

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen JEFTA

Gegen das „Freihandelsabkommen neuer Generation“ zwischen Japan und der Europäischen Union (JEFTA) ist zum Schutz

- des Wirtschaftssystems der sozialen Marktwirtschaft
- der parlamentarischen Demokratie
- der Durchführbarkeit des UN-Klimaschutzabkommens von Paris

am 29.1.2019 Klage vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht eingereicht worden von Frau Marianne Grimmenstein-Balas sowie insgesamt 9.393 weiteren BeschwerdeführerInnen.

Aufgrund schwerwiegender Verstöße gegen das Völkerrecht wird ebenfalls beantragt,

- die Nichtigkeit von JEFTA gem. Art. 53 WVRKIO festzustellen.

Die Verfassungsklage können sie hier abrufen.

Gordi Kerner: Rap gegen die Klima-Katastrophe

Der Rapper, Gordian Kerner, hat einen sensationellen Rap zum Thema Klimakatastrophe geschrieben. Das Musik-Video (Gordi - Anthropozän (2019)) können Sie sich unter folgendem Link anschauen.

Press Release on WEF-The Global Risks Report 2019 - January 19th 2019

The World Economic Forum (WEF) declares in its „The Global Risks Report 2019“, released on 16th of January 2019,

nothing less than that Human Rights, the UN and the Western liberal democratic norms are politicized, outdated and nostalgic.



You Are Stealing Our Future: Greta Thunberg, 15, Condemns the World’s Inaction on Climate Change

Presseerklärung zur COP 24

Die UN-Klimakonferenz COP 24 hat wieder keine konkreten Maßnahmen zur Umsetzung des UN-Klimaschutzabkommens von Paris beschlossen.

Und sie führt die gesamte Weltgemeinschaft sowohl durch ihr deshalb wenig effektives Messregelwerk als auch durch ihre „keine-Sanktionsmöglichkeiten-Lüge“ direkt in den baldigen, sicheren und grauenhaften Untergang.

Tatsächlich gibt es jedoch sehr wohl eine – sogar sehr effektive - Sanktionsmöglichkeit, die die Weltbevölkerung zu ihrer Rettung ergreifen könnte:

- Das Völkerstrafgesetzbuch bzw. auf internationaler Ebene: das Rome Statute:

- Wer das UN-Klimaschutzabkommen von Paris nicht sofort und höchst ambitioniert umsetzt - insbesondere durch eine konsequente und massive Reduzierung der klimaschädigenden fossilen Energieträger sowie den umgehenden flächendeckenden Ausbau der Energieversorgung durch klimaschonende erneuerbare Energie – begeht – inzwischen sehr offensichtlich (!) - vorsätzlich globalen Völkermord gemäß § 6 Abs.1 Nr.3 Völkerstrafgesetzbuch ( Art. 6 (c) Rome Statute) und ein Verbrechen gegen die gesamte Menschheit gemäß § 7 Abs.1 Nr.2 Völkerstrafgesetzbuch (Art. 7 Nr.1(b) Rome Statute).

- Nach dem unentschuldbaren katastrophalen Scheitern der COP 24 kann jetzt nur noch der UN-Sicherheitsrat oder aber ein globaler Aufstand der Weltbevölkerung die massive Sanktionierung der Nichterfüllung des Paris Abkommens durch das Völkerstrafrecht durchsetzen und so den Untergang der Weltgemeinschaft verhindern.

- Wenn nicht, dann gehen wir eben – mit dem neuen ineffektiven Regelbuch unterm Arm – alle gemeinsam „messbar“ unter.

Karlsruhe, den 17.12.2018

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Appeal to the COP 24 participants - stop climate collaps

The elected new President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, officially wants to leave the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris and to offer the interests oft he CEOs of the agro, mining and cattle-breading industry priority to the protection and save of the brazil rain forest.

He wants to allow the agro, mining and cattle-breading industry to totally destroy the Brazil rain forest which is a protected nature reserve.

But the Brazil rain forest is seen as the „Lungs of Earth“. Without it the global climate will immediately collapse.

Therefore President Bolsonaro – as well as participating CEOs oft he agro, mining and cattle-breading industry – have to be accused of global genocide and crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for to stop and avoid that crime.

So today a criminal complaint on the matter has been send to the ICC, which you can call here.

Please claim on the COP 24 conference the official start of investigations against Bolsonaro because of committing global genocide.

And please claim a COP 24 declaration of support fort he enclosed UN Declaration on Global Genocide.

Thank you very much!

Gisela Toussaint


Karlsruhe/Germany, 4.12.2018

Red Alert: Bolsonaro plans to let distroy the brasilian rain forest by the industry

Bolsonaro plans – as quoted in the SPIEGEL article to hand over the brasilian rain forest – the Lungs of the Planet - to the international wood, beef and agro industry to let them destroy it.

Therefore the UN Security Council hast o meet at once and finally decide the enclosed UN-Declaration against Global Genocide by acting against the UN Paris Agreement to save mankind from near and katastrophic destruction.

Press release September 11, 2018

The real reason for the surprising massive and outrageous attack of the US-Government against the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Den Haag on 10th of September 2018 is not the one year old application of chief prosecutor Fatou Bensou for approval for charges against members of the US-armee and the CIA because of war crimes in Afghanistan.

The real reason is the enclosed charge of crime, which has been sent to the ICC on 7th of September, against, next to others, the US-american Government, ExxonMobil and the whole fossil industry because of crime of „Global Genocide“ and Crime against Humanity by not fulfilling, blockading or massively acting against the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris

This charge of crime was handed out to the General Prosecutor of Germany on 6th of September 2018 and sent as – here enclosed - mail to the ICC on 7th of September 2018.

Here the ICC was asked to start investigations as soon as possible to stop and avoid „Global Genocide“.

Exactly these investigations and all their further consequences the US-Government as well as the fossile industry now obviously want to nip in the bud by their massive attacks against the judges and prosecutors of the ICC and prosecutors of the national general public prosecutor’s offices.

World’s global population can not stand for this!

It not at all can stand for this because the official start of investigations as well as prosecution and punishing the offenders of „Global Genocide“ by the ICC is the only chance and possibility of mankind to push through the realisation of the order of „Decarbonisation“ of the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris as quick as possible and may be just in time to save global mankind.

A once more actualized charge of crime is as well enclosed.

Karlsruhe/Germany, 11.9.2018

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

Unterstützungserklärung Strafanzeige wegen globalem Völkermord

Das UN-Klimaschutzabkommen von Paris wurde abgeschlossen, um die Zerstörung der Weltbevölkerung zu verhindern. Da dieses für uns überlebenswichtige Abkommen von den Entscheidungsträgern nicht umgesetzt wird, haben wir, Rechtsanwältin Gisela Toussaint und Marianne Grimmenstein-Balas, gegen die oben genannten Personen Strafanzeige gemäß § 7 Absatz 1 Nr.2 und gemäß § 6 Absatz 1 Nr. 3 Völkerstrafgesetzbuch wegen Verbrechens gegen die Menschheit beim Generalbundesanwalt in Deutschland und Internationalen Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag erhoben ( Wir wollen mit dieser Anzeige die Verantwortlichen umgehend zum Handeln zwingen. Wir haben noch die Möglichkeit, diese Katastrophe zu verhindern.


Wir bitten Sie um die Unterstützung unserer Strafanzeige beim Internationalen Strafgerichtshof (ICC). Durch Ihre Unterstützungsunterschrift entstehen für Sie keine weiteren Verpflichtungen.


Mehr ...

Strafanzeige wegen globalem Völkermord

Völkerrechtliche Strafanzeige gegen Entscheidungsträger der fossilen und der Automobilindustrie sowie der Finanzwirtschaft und die Mitglieder der EU-Kommission, des Europäischen Rates, der Regierung von BRD, Kanada, Japan, USA u.a. wegen Verbrechens gegen die Menschheit und globalem Völkermord


Die Strafanzeige kann hier heruntergeladen werden.


Die Strafanzeige können Sie auch in Ihrem Namen einreichen oder als Vorlage für eigene Ergänzungen oder Änderungen nutzen. Die Vorlage hierfür kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Die ausgefüllte Strafanzeige können Sie per E-Mail an den Generalbundesanwalt senden.

Pressemitteilung v.4.9.2018

Völkerrechtliche Strafanzeige gegen Entscheidungsträger der fossilen und der Automobilindustrie sowie der Finanzwirtschaft und die Mitglieder der EU-Kommission, des Europäischen Rates, der Regierung von BRD, Kanada, Japan, USA u.a. wegen Verbrechens gegen die Menschheit und globalem Völkermord


Mehr ...

Japan-EU-FTA intends to block UN-Climate Agreement of Paris

In the JEFTA-Agreement in Chapter 16 „Trade and Sustainable Development“, point 4 „Multilateral environmental agreements“, Nr.5 (Chapter 16.4 Nr.5) it says:


5. Nothing in this Agreement prevents a Party from adopting or maintaining measures to implement the multilateral environmental agreements to which it is party, provided that such measures are not applied in a manner that would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination against the other Party or a disguised restriction on trade.


This means nothing less than by this economic agreement, which is said to be the biggest and most comprehensive FTA in the world, intends clearly to completely blockade the fulfilling oft he UN-Climate Agreement of Paris, which is an even higher ranked international law than JEFTA and has been concluded for the survival of mankind.


Practically by JEFTA the EU and Japan have – secretely - attacked and blockaded the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris even more massively than US President Donald Trump by his – even open – declaration of exit.


Therefore there are preparations for an official constitutional complain as well as an international criminal law charge.


Here you find the JEFTA-Agreement for download

The UN-Security-Council should be called immediately

Global warming is – after the persons responsible massively boycotted the UN-Climate Agreemnet of Paris, blocked it by so called free trade agreements or opposed it by still supporting fossile industry – nearly no longer stoppable.

It is starting a „Heat-Age“ which could destroy whole mankind within few decades.

See article „Klimawandelforscher warnen vor Entstehung einer Heisszeit“ , dpa on Spiegel-Online of 6.8.2018

See article „Forscher warnen vor einer Heisszeit“, dpa on Zeit-online of 6.8.2018


See article "Earth at risk of heading towards 'hothouse Earth' state", PNAS, July 2018

Therefore the UN-Security-Council has to be called immediately. Because our last and only chance to survive is the straightaway and most ambitious fullfillment of the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris. This means the immediate stepping out of coal, gas and oil as well as turning all available money towards the building of a global renewable energy supply.

To force heads of governments, heads of industry and investors, there is no way left but to use international criminal law. Because only the immediate fullfillment oft he UN-Climate Agreement of Paris can save mankind as good as possible. To boycott its fullfillment obviously is global genocide!

So the following UN-Declaration is to be decided:

The UN-Security-Council for a most effective protection of global mankind judges that massively boycotting, ignoring or acting against the UN Climate Agreement of Paris and its rules to decarbonize and to change industry to renewable energy as soon as possible by leaders of governments, industry or investment funds would be seen and charged as committing global genocide and/or global crime against humanity*

*Planned UN Declaration on the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York, starting 12th of September 2017
V.i.S.d.P.: Gisela Toussaint, Geigersbergstr. 31, 76227 Karlsruhe,

UN Declaration on Global Genocide

The Climate Catastrophe could have been prevented

„Mankind is on the brink of desaster, but instead of acting we put our heads into the dry sand.
Why does the potential destruction of mankind arise so little interest?“


see article of George Diez on SPIELGEL-online of 5.8.2015

The 5-Solution Levels of the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris

It provides:
1. The technological solution: renewable instead of fossil energy. Reduction of consuming, waste, use of energy and ressources

2. The national economic solution: immediate abolishing fossil industry; decarbonisation, energy change, traffic change, turning investments into renewable energy technology, income justice

3. The global economic solution: climate protection, common good and survival of mankind are first time given priority over profit of industry. By that the UN-Climate Agreement of Paris is the very first Agreement of a new, common good orientated and sustainable global economic system

4. The geo strategic solution: the global UN-Climate Agreement of Paris must be fullfilled immediately and with full power to save the world. Extremely harmful by contrast is the flood of bilateral so called free trade agreements which even blockade the UN-Climate Agreement (CETA, JEFTA, TTIP) and still boost fossil industry profits – on cost of the survival of mankind.

5. The international criminal law sanction solution: as the goal of the Agreement is saving mankind from destruction, to get it through though lacking contractual sanctions there is needed  an official threatening of using international criminal law („Global Genocide“) to meet the common global goal just in time.

Energie-Charta blockiert UN-Klimaschutz-Abkommen


heute wurde eine neue sensationelle Studie veröffentlicht, die belegt, wie die sogenannte „Energie-Charta“ aus dem Jahre 1994 durch die damalige Einräumung weitreichender Schadensersatzansprüche gegen Regierungen bei Schließung von Öl-, Kohle oder Gasfeldern auch heute den Energie-Konzernen die Macht gibt, die durch das UN-Klimaschutzabkommen beschlossenen Dekarbonisierung der Weltwirtschaft und die Energiewende durch Androhung von immensen Schadensersatzforderungen zu blockieren.

Allerdings dürfte diese Schiedsklausel gemäß dem neuesten EuGH-Urteil ebenfalls unwirksam sein, was unbedingt kurzfristig richterlich festzustellen wäre.

Und da die Notwendigkeit der umgehenden Dekarbonisierung der Weltwirtschaft seit Jahrzehnten international verhandelt worden ist, war es für die Investoren zudem "absehbar", dass sie mit einer baldigen Schließung ihrer Anlagen rechnen mussten. Ihre trotzdem erfolgten Investitionen und Gewinnerwartungen sind also rechtlich gar nicht schutzwürdig.

Bitte lesen Sie die neue Studie im Volltext als Zusammenfassung unter diesem Link.

European Court of Justice cancelled Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements

The European Court of Justice has decided on 6th of March 2018 that the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause within Free Trade Agreements are not compatible with European law and so are cancelled. Now this ISDS clause have to be removed out of all nearly 200 European FTAs and specially out of TTIP, CETA, TISA a.o.


Europäischer Gerichtshof entmachtet Schiedsgerichte (Article by FAZ-Journalist Hendrik Wieduwilt,  March 6th 2018)


This ruling confirms the correctness of the sustainable and vast numbers of public protests in Germany and Europe against the so called Free Trade Agreements and specially against ISDS.


The danger of the ISDS clause has as well been shown very clearly in the documantary film „Konzerne klagen – wir zahlen“ by Michael Wech in 2015.


Mehr ...

GroKo: Don't be too late

Das Zeitfenster für wirksamen Klimaschutz schließt sich innerhalb dieser Legislaturperiode! Danach sind alle Maßnahmen zu spät und das Klima stürzt ab.


Für weitere Informationen bitte klicken auf mission2020 mission2020


How we can make the world a better place (youtube)

Investigations about Chancelor Merkel

E-Mail to the executive committee of the party of the greens to research the backgrounds for the surprising exit of Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD executive committee Martin Schulz from the climate goals 2020.



10 Reasons for Climate Goals 2020

10 Gründe, warum die deutschen Klimaziele 2020 auf keinen Fall aufgegeben werden dürfen sondern sogar unbedingt erfüllt werden müssen:

  1. Schon die behauptete Notwendigkeit für die Aufgabe der Klimaziele 2020 besteht tatsächlich gar nicht, denn die Ziele können nach wie vor leicht erreicht werden durch den schnellen Ausstieg aus der Kohle, durch die Streichung der Diesel- und Kohlesubventionierung, durch eine Verkehrswende, den schnellen Ausbau sowie Subventionierung erneuerbarer Energietechnologien u.v.m..
  2. Die Klimaziele 2020 sind zur ersten und wichtigsten Phase der Klimaziele 2050 geworden. Ohne sofortige grundsätzliche Klimaschutzmaßnahmen innerhalb des verbleibenden Zeitfensters bis 2020 ( vgl. Mission 2020) sind die weiteren Phasen bzw. ein verspäteter Start erster größerer Maßnahmen völlig zwecklos, da sich dann das Klima schon so weit aufgeheizt hat, dass die weitere galoppierende Erderwärmung nicht mehr aufzuhalten ist.

More ...


In his New Year message, Secretary-General António Guterres issues 'red alert,' urges world to come together in 2018 to tackle pressing challenges.

Red alert, UN-Secretary-General António Guterres (youtube Video)

Three years to safeguard our climate

Article: 'Stockholm Resilience Center' available for download here

Jan, 4th 2018

Charge of crime of global genocide against Malcom Turnbull and Gautam Adani

Charge of crime of global genocide against Prime Minister of Australia, Malcom Turnbull, and chairman of indian Adani Group, Gautam Adani

Charge of crime of global genocide

Statement of the German Bundesbank

Statement of the IMF to UN Climate Agreement of Paris

„If we don’t do anything about climate change now, in 50 years time we will be toasted, roasted and grilled.


So decisions are needed at this point in time.”


This official statement IMF Chief Christine Lagarde made on 15.10.2017 at the international conference „The Big Shift: What New Frameworks Are Needed to Understand the Future“ in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to oil sheiks, watch on YouTube.


By this IMF statement she openly acknowledges the causality between not fulfilling the UN Climate Agreement of Paris and the then most cruel devastation of not only some thousand, million or billion people but whole global mankind.


This causality is made justiciable at least by this highly official IMF statement.


Chiefs of governments, industry and investment funds who are obligated by the UN Climate Agreement of Paris to act but do not act, do commit most cruel global genocide.



Charge of crime of global genocide

Hydrogen instead of oil

The beginning of a new industrial revolution to save global climate

The German company KEYOU has invented a brand new technology, which can easily change an ordinary Diesel-motor to a hydrogen motor with nearly the same power.

This is the end of oil epoch.

And therefore this will save our global climate and mankind.

Please inform about this sensational new technology of the company KEYOU and give your support.

„New Planetary Deal“ - „Global Green Economy“

The United Nations Climate Change Agreement has for the first time decided on drastic global economic restraints and targeted economic management measures, as this is the only way to limit global warming to 2 degrees and prevent it from increasing to uncontrollable heights and destroying the world's population.

In addition, as part of these economic steering measures, poverty is also to be fought, the gap between rich and poor must be significantly reduced, the UN Human Rights Charter finally implemented and the natural resources for future generations preserved.

The UN - and not the WTO or neoliberal free trade treaties - has ushered in a global reorientation of the entire global economy to a common interest and climate protection-oriented global fair social market economy.

This new world economic order already calls the Deutsche Bundesbank a "Green Economy". I propose a "New Planetary Deal".

More ...

Proposal of a UN Declaration on Global Genocide

Proposal of a UN Declaration on Global Genocide to the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York, starting on September 12th, 2017:


"The UN General Assembly for a most effective protection of global mankind judges that massively boycotting, ignoring or acting against the UN Climate Agreement of Paris and its rules to decarbonize and to change industry to renewable energy as soon as possible by leaders of governments, industry or investment funds would be seen and charged as committing global genocide and/or global crime against humanity."


UN Declaration on Global Genocide

Charge of crime of globale genocide against Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson, Wladimir Putin, Igor Setchin, Sigmar Gabriel, EU-Kommission etc.

Sending the following charges to the Generalbundesanwalt and the International Criminal Court (ICC):


Charge of War Against All Nations II
Charge of War Against All Nations
Charge of Climate Crash Caused Genocide II
Charge of Climate Crash Caused Genocide
Anzeige von Klima-Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit

Climate protection technology in Singapore

On behalf of the European Chamber of Commerce, development of strategy for luring of targeted European companies focused on climate protection technology to Singapore as a supplemental condition for a free trade agreement between the EU and Singapore (March 14, 2007). Implemented by the Economic Development Ministry of Singapore (EDB) in late March 2007, with awarding of subsidies totaling 350 million Singapore dollars and tax incentives for climate protection technology firms willing to relocate.


clean tech park

Development of strategy for founding of climate protection technology center in Singapore for the European Chamber of Commerce (DROEGE certificate). Following decision by EDB in July 2010, implementation of a "clean tech park” abutting the university campus in Singapore.

green FTA

My strategy for linking the resettlement of climate protection technology to the free trade agreement between EU and Singapore (see above) was anchored in the contract; this was finished in 2011 and celebrated by the press as a "green FTA."


In 2017 the European Court of Justice has decided that all EU-member staates have to agree to the contract and on 6th of March 2018 it has even cancelled the Investor-state dispute settlement as not compatible with european law, which I very much appreciate.


Singapore set to have 'green FTA' with EU (youtube)


Based on my urgent recommendation, consolidation of "Hyflux," the prize-winning, worldwide technology leader in salt water desalination, in Singapore by DROEGE & Comp. Singapore Pte Ltd corporate consultants.

Harry Potter Youth Movement against the Climate Crisis

Strategic development of a worldwide Harry Potter Youth Movement against the Climate Crisis with planned proclamations from J.K.Rowling and Al Gore (August 2007). Expanded as "Learn to save the world" campaign in November 2007 as part of the WISE Congress in Qatar. Expanded again through the integration of a pacifist element achieved by inter-faith cooperation by youths to protect and preserve creation.

Automotive Summit

12/2007 see Automotive

Peace plan for Israel and Palestine

Peace plan for Israel and Palestine in 9/2009: founding of a joint Silicon Valley for climate protection technology on both sovereign territories. Contact attempts with Shai Agassi (Better Place), Dr. Graumann, Secretary Chu of the Obama administration, etc.

Obama Doctrine

Development of an "Obama Doctrine": No more business as usual, responsible trading and climate protection first. Founding of a US 'czar' for "Business, Environment and Energy"

US-Think-Tank of Climate Protective Technology and Green Energy

To support the Obama Doctrine, I developed a plan to found a US Think Tank of Climate Protection Technology and Green Energy under the direction of George Clooney. He seems predestined for such a role: he is not only an activist for environmental protections and a professional member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he is also one of the first persons worldwide to drive a Tesla.

Contact with Deutsche Bank

Written call to the new chairman of the board at Deutsche Bank, Mr. Anshu Jain, to support the German "energy revolution" — both financially and in the domestic and foreign political arenas — to the greatest extent possible, including promotion of German's progressive role as a leader in the field. Concrete suggestions included an internal restructuring through the new creation of a department dedicated to this theme.