Energy-Charta blocks UN-Climate Agreement

Today a sensational study was launched, which shows, that the „Energy-Charta of 1994 has given investors the right of immense compensation against governments in case of closing down fossil energy plants (ISDS). This right they today can still use to blockade governments attempts to fullfill the UN-Climate Agreement.

But european ISDS-clauses just has been cancelled by the European Court of Justice as producing an unlawfull parallel justice.
So the ISDS-clause in the Energy-Charta has to be cancelled by court as well an das soon as possible.

And as the urgent need to decarbonize the world economy has been negotiated since decades the investors did know that their fossil plants have to be closed down, so their investments and future profits are not to be protected and compensated.
Read the full text here.

European Court of Justice cancelled Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements

The European Court of Justice has decided on 6th of March 2018 that the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause within Free Trade Agreements are not compatible with European law and so are cancelled. Now this ISDS clause have to be removed out of all nearly 200 European FTAs and specially out of TTIP, CETA, TISA a.o.

This ruling confirms the correctness of the sustainable and vast numbers of public protests in Germany and Europe against the so called Free Trade Agreements and specially against ISDS.
The danger of the ISDS clause has as well been shown very clearly in the documantary film „Konzerne klagen – wir zahlen“ by Michael Wech in 2015.

Three interview partners from this film: Prof. Gus van Harten (Professor of international economic law in Torornto, Canada), Prof. Markus Krajewski (Professor of public law and international law in Erlangen, Germany) and advocate Selvyn Seidel (CEO of Fulbrook Capital Management LLC in New York, USA) I have contacted and suggested to together organise an international symposium to abolish ISDS clauses from each FTA worldwide.

A first constructive meeting was held on 21st of November 2015 in New York, but unfortunately without Markus and Gus. Gus just in these days unmasked the EU Commissioner Malmström’s alternative suggestion to ISDS, ICS (investment court system), as the same unlawful in his essay:

Key flaws in the European Commission’s Proposals for Foreign Investor Protection in TTIP. (

The symposium was decided to be held in the Center of Civil Justice in New York. But during the following weeks there unfortunately arose deep disagreements so that the project to abolish ISDS clauses in FTAs worldwide was no longer continued.

So it makes me even happier to learn that the European Court of Justice has canceled the ISDS clause, which at least concernes all European FTAs.

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10 reasons für Climate Goals 2020

  1. Schon die behauptete Notwendigkeit für die Aufgabe der Klimaziele 2020 besteht tatsächlich gar nicht, denn die Ziele können nach wie vor leicht erreicht werden durch den schnellen Ausstieg aus der Kohle, durch die Streichung der Diesel- und Kohlesubventionierung, durch eine Verkehrswende, den schnellen Ausbau sowie Subventionierung erneuerbarer Energietechnologien u.v.m..
  2. Die Klimaziele 2020 sind zur ersten und wichtigsten Phase der Klimaziele 2050 geworden. Ohne sofortige grundsätzliche Klimaschutzmaßnahmen innerhalb des verbleibenden Zeitfensters bis 2020 ( vgl. Mission 2020) sind die weiteren Phasen bzw. ein verspäteter Start erster größerer Maßnahmen völlig zwecklos, da sich dann das Klima schon so weit aufgeheizt hat, dass die weitere galoppierende Erderwärmung nicht mehr aufzuhalten ist.


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