Skirt out of an empty money bag of the German Bundesbank

This skirt is a brand new creation which aroused out of the enthusiasm about the courageous and future orientated position of the German Bundesbank concerning UN Climate Agreement of Paris and “Green Economy”.


Cell phone faceplate to match nail polish from L’ORÉAL

Cell phone faceplate to match nail polish from L’ORÉAL, the first project for VRANY Enterprises. Presentation at the group headquarters in Paris. The idea was to achieve a real cooperation with L’ORÉAL, with new colors and color jars provided in advance so that matching cell phone faceplates could be manufactured and sold as a bundle, such as in cosmetics departments of department stores.


Contact with OPI

In 2011 in made contact with nail polish maker OPI in Hollywood and proposed that the rear cover of smartphones be produced and sold together with OPI nail polish.

Radio broadcast by the homeless

Concept of a radio broadcast by the homeless, put together weekly and moderated by the editors of three Berlin magazines intended for sale by the homeless — "Motz", "Der Strassenfeger" and "Die Stütze" — together with radio editors Volker Wieprecht and Robert Skupin of what was formerly Radio eins (Der Apparat Multimedia GmbH), 2002. The two radio editors and the three associations were all highly interested, but the necessary funding could not be secured.

Concept of a documentary film

Concept of a documentary film about the creation of a joint radio broadcast by the editors of all three of Berlin's magazines intended for sale by the homeless, together with radio editors Volker Wieprecht and Robert Skupin. The offer was pitched to film director Andreas Dresen in 2002 as the third film of what would then become a trilogy on the topic of homelessness. The first films were "Nachtgestalten" (1999) and "Halbe Treppe" (2002). The concept was not accepted.


Design and production of "Local Public Transit Sofas" and the "Zen Ottoman" using standard bus seat materials from the company John Holdsworth & Co Ltd.


Presentation at Designers Saturday 2003

Participation and presentation about BVG fashion and sofas at the Designers Saturday 2003 in Berlin's Backfabrik.

Demonstration poster

Design of a political demonstration poster against the Iraq War in 2003.

Presentation at DesignMai 2006

Participation in presentation of 5 tables at the DesignMai 2006 in Berlin's Backfabrik.

Design competition

Proposal of a design competition for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BBI) in September 2007. The seating in each departure lounges was to be designed individually by a different Berlin artist. The seat materials would be made of the extremely robust wool materials from John Holdsworth & Co Ltd. The individual designs by the artists would have been able to be produced in small volumes for each individual lounge thanks to the use of older looms. The individual artistic design of the lounges was intended as a calling card for Berlin as a fashion and design capital. The proposal of a design competition was not acted upon.

Utility model for chocolates can

2011/2012 Development and registration of a utility model (Gebrauchsmuster) for a special chocolates can.

Utility model for spaghetti cooking spoon

2011/2012 Development and registration of a utility model (Gebrauchsmuster) for a special spaghetti cooking spoon.