„New Planetary Deal“ - „Global Green Economy“

The United Nations Climate Change Agreement has for the first time decided on drastic global economic restraints and targeted economic management measures, as this is the only way to limit global warming to 2 degrees and prevent it from increasing to uncontrollable heights and destroying the world's population.

In addition, as part of these economic steering measures, poverty is also to be fought, the gap between rich and poor must be significantly reduced, the UN Human Rights Charter finally implemented and the natural resources for future generations preserved.

The UN - and not the WTO or neoliberal free trade treaties - has ushered in a global reorientation of the entire global economy to a common interest and climate protection-oriented global fair social market economy.

This new world economic order already calls the Deutsche Bundesbank a "Green Economy". I propose a "New Planetary Deal".

The central climate policy consensus of the UN Climate Agreement of Paris consists of the national commitment to a possible immediate "de-carbonisation of the economy" as well as the rapid development of a nationwide energy supply through renewable energies.

This means in its full extent, first of all, that from the signing or at the latest from internationally binding entry into force of the agreement on 4.11.2016 due to the de-carbonation the direction is clear: there may be no new and thus additional coal mines and no new oil or Gas Field and no related new large combustion plants are opened more. In addition, no new and thus additional oil or gas pipelines may be built or opened.

Because to achieve the 2 degree target with a reasonable probability, 2/3 of all known coal, oil and gas reserves must remain untouched, says even the German Bundesbank.

In order to achieve this, national governments must also "ambitiously" reduce existing coal, oil and gas fields and related large combustion plants and bring them down to zero within the next decades, while ensuring security of supply through the rapid development of comprehensive renewable energy systems ,

Furthermore, fossil groups can not derive compensation claims against the respective state from state-granted mining and operating permits if the plant is closed or a planned plant is not even built and put into operation, as the assertion of good faith protection is likely. In the light of the international negotiations on the urgent need to phase out fossil fuels, which have been held for several decades, good faith protection must be unquestionably excluded.

On the contrary, fossil corporations may even be liable to pay damages, because they have made high profits for decades despite knowledge or cheap acceptance of the massive pollution of the Earth's atmosphere by CO2. As a result, they have contributed to the massive global warming and are therefore liable as behavioral deterrents proportionally or possibly even jointly and severally for the damage caused by climate change.

In addition, the entire economy must also adapt to the climate change-threatened world situation, in particular converting all fossil propulsion systems to renewable energies, which completely cease massive environmental destruction and clearing and instead carry out gigantic natural reforestation projects all over the world.

And, diametrically opposed to neo-liberal free-trade dogmas, the rights of the poor, simple landowners, workers, women, children, the elderly, people forced into slavery and prostitution, families and the disabled, as well as all, who are at risk of job loss, homelessness, starvation, war, murder, death, torture, rape and have lost their family, home and nature as a livelihood, because of their right to happiness and a good life in peace, have to be legally strengthened and enforced.

This will also serve the urgently needed global strengthening of constructive democratic structures, peace and global civil society pioneering projects for active global climate protection and food security.

On the other hand, the neoliberal forces are still trying to impose an even more unrestrained profit maximization by alleged free trade agreements against the UN, which should abolish all legal protection of civil society and even parliamentary work and thus democracy.

If this comes through, national governments can not decide and enforce anything, especially not the concrete implementation of the UN Climate Agreement of Paris, such as the coal exit and the energy transition.

And that would actually put an end to everybody, especially the neo-liberal financial and industrial tycoons, their families and those who lived comfortably in their slipstream at the expense of the world's population and world resources.

This makes it particularly clear once again that these neoliberal purported free trade agreements are both a climate political and an ethical giant world historical aberration.

However, as already explained, the world community has taken the fundamentally right path to a new global climate protection and common interest-orientated, green world economic order through the decades-long negotiation and successful conclusion of the UN Climate Agreement of Paris:

Now the next step of the UNO would be to officially proclaim this new global, climate-protection and common interest-orientated, green and fair social market economy and implement it worldwide as quickly as possible.

For the further development, coordination and implementation of the new world economic order, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) can be entrusted as a lobby-free UN institution and comprehensively strengthened and expanded.

The new climate protection and welfare-oriented world economic order needs a name for its swift and enthusiastic implementation in all UN member states, in particular for the transition phase, which expresses global enthusiasm, global community spirit and future and climate security.

That's why the Deutsche Bundesbank calls it "Green Economy". Globally, this would be the "Global Green Economy".

Following on from the thrilling US government's New Deal of the 1930s, which has been very successful through state intervention, as well as the fact that today we are all concerned with nothing less than the salvation of our entire planet and thus of all global mankind, I did propose the name "New Planetary Deal". Here, it also becomes clear that the planet's salvation can only be successful globally and only through a completely new, intensively climate-friendly global economy.

Gisela Toussaint

„New Planetary Deal“
„Global Green Economy“

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