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Now you too can look like the back end of a bus

This model's chosen to remain anonymous

People in Berlin can go to work today knowing they'll be able to wear the same material which covers the bus seats they sit on.

Germany's never really been cutting- edge on the fashion scene and so one day gutsy designer, Gisela Seppeler thought she'd make a change.

She wanted to choose a fabric which was recognisable and so obviously, she thought the orange and red city bus material would be perfect.

Sadly though this designer didn't wake from her dream and her clothing range including hats, shoes and bags have hit Berlin's high Streets.

Top marks

She deserves ten out of ten for imagination but if she really thought that orange and red checks were in it just shows you how cut off from the rest of the fashion world Germany really is.

For starters orange and red is just an absolute fashion no no. Even Vivienne Westwood wouldn't put those two colours together. And as for comfort, bus seat covers don't stand out as the nicest material to wear.

But one of the models, who asked to remain anonymous said "The clothes are actually quite comfortable, they just look hard from the outside."

Apparently, she's now working on a clothing range for London's tube seats.

Let's just hope customs don't let her in.