Cell phone faceplate to match nail polish from L’ORÉAL

Cell phone faceplate to match nail polish from L’ORÉAL, the first project for VRANY Enterprises. Presentation at the group headquarters in Paris. The idea was to achieve a real cooperation with L’ORÉAL, with new colors and color jars provided in advance so that matching cell phone faceplates could be manufactured and sold as a bundle, such as in cosmetics departments of department stores.

Cooperation with Nokia Deutschland

In December 2002 the business director of NOKIA Deutschland gave her approval for worldwide co-production between L’ORÉAL and VRANY Enterprises. At almost the same time, however, Nokia corporate headquarters in Finland made a decision to cease all licensing of NOKIA replaceable faceplates worldwide, thus ending the project.

TV report „Cell Phones for Women“

I was granted permission from the trade fair management at CeBIT 2004 to present the product together with a model at trade fair stands there; I received tremendously positive feedback, particularly from women. RTL then included the product as an exclamation point of sorts in its TV report on "Cell Phones for Women."

In 2007 and again in 2009, the 100th anniversary of the founding of L’ORÈAL, I attempted (in vain) to design and provide a cell phone for its customers with matching nail polish as an commemorative product.

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