Technical patent

Technical patent for a system to register and display free parking spaces on the display of portable navigational system. Presentation of the system at the ITS Congresses in Vienna, London, Dublin, Riyadh, Hannover. Features: fast, reliable and in particular comprehensive display of all free parking spots in real time. This saves CO², noise from cars, time and nerves — and is actually fun. The system will be implemented as per the EU decision regarding the installation of the eCall system into all new cars starting in 2015 and using progress in the implementation of the GALILEO program in the near future. Discussions with leading automotive companies, automotive suppliers, Google, ERTICO, Streetline, telematics companies, traffic control centers, navigational device makers, etc.

Meanwhile the European, Chinese and Japanese patents have been given, the US American and Brazilian patent request are still pending.

Certification of acceptance to the Karlsruhe Business Innovation Program 2016.

Certificate Karlsruher Business Innovation Program 2016
European Patent Certificate
Chinese Patent Certificate
Japanese Patent Certificate
WIPO Certificate (PDF)