Speech to Extinction Rebellion

13. October 2020

Two instruments of international law for effective enforcement of the Paris Agreement:

International criminal law and "ius cogens“

Speech by lawyer Gisela Toussaint at the demonstration of Extinction Rebellion in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate on 7.10.2020

The greatest threat to all mankind is undoubtedly the climate catastrophe.

Without immediate and massive countermeasures, as decided in the Paris Agreement, various climate tipping points will be exceeded, leading to a very rapid global heating of the earth.
As a result, all of humanity would lose its existential basis for life within a few decades and be completely wiped out.

The problem we all face is that the governments are hardly implementing the Paris Agreement at all and that massive profit interests, especially of the fossil industry, have so far been very successful in preventing this.

Download the speech here.

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