Press release: MERKEL wants to leave the sinking ship!

1. September 2020

By now it should have become clear to parts of the German government that the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by the slash-and-burn raids that have been raging again for many months to such an extent that the three Amazon climate catastrophe tipping points have been exceeded and the evapotranspiration system is beginning to collapse irreversibly, with apocalyptic consequences for the entire world climate and the global foundations of human life.


The two main causes of the increasingly excessive slash-and-burn clearances are both the Brazilian draft law 191/20 of Bolsonaro on the legalization of land "acquired" by destruction of the rainforest and transformed into beef and soya production, and the exorbitant beef and soya purchase quotas envisaged in the MERCOSUR agreement.


As is well known, Merkel was instrumental in bringing the MERCOSUR agreement to a breakthrough with the central agreement of these beef and soya purchase quotas (against German cars, German machinery and German agrochemicals) and has held to it ironically until recently, despite massive and global protests by climate protectors. The ratification of the MERCOSUR agreement should even be a central focus of Germany's EU Council Presidency, which has just begun.


Now Merkel suddenly declares - apparently as a result of talks with FFF activists - that she has considerable doubts about the implementation of the MERCOSUR agreement.


In fact, however, she wants to sneak out - supposedly in time - of her responsibility for the decisive co-responsibility for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and its evapotranspiration system and thus of the entire world climate.


It will not succeed in this, because the connections are extremely obvious and their global effects are extremely dramatic and fatally irreversible.


As a major contributor to the global climate catastrophe that is now about to begin, she will also have to be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague on charges of global genocide and crimes against the whole of humanity under international criminal law.


Even if this prosecution by the International Criminal Court comes far too late to be able to successfully save humanity.


Karlsruhe, August 21, 2020


Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31
76227 Karlsruhe

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