Press release: The "International Law Commission" commits high treason against the United Nations as well as against the whole of humanity

3. September 2020

The heart of the United Nations and thus of all humanity is the "highest international law", called "ius cogens".

Officially, the "ius cogens" have so far been the "UN Charter" and international criminal law, today's "Rome Statute".

This heart of the world community can only beat through

  1. the primacy of "ius cogens" over other international treaties under international law, as expressly laid down in Articles 53 and 64 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  2. the primacy of „ius cogens“-values over those expressed interests in other international treaties
  3. the legal consequence of the direct nullity of conflicting contracts and
  4. the obligation to acknowledge the nullity or to contractually adapt these defective contracts to the higher-ranking provisions of "ius cogens".

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:

This is to ensure that the very highest international law is actually implemented and not blocked and overruled by international treaties that disregard it.


Download the Press release here.

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