2 international law instruments to save the world

3. August 2020

Mail to UN Secretary-General from August 2nd 2020


Honorable UN Secretary-General António Guterres,

you will know these latest most alarming news about ongoing massive and encreasing slash and burn-devastation against the Amazon rainforest.

The arsonists go on to slash and burn

  • despite of the new fire moratorium.
  • despite of all your UN-appeals to save the Amazon as „lungs of earth“ and biggest global carbon sink.
  • despite of all your daily UN-appeals to fulfill the Paris Agreement to save climate and mankind.

So this UN-appeal policy most obviously does not work!

As Bolsonaro is still promoting to industrialize the Amazon area by land grabbing and destroying, still promoting the draft law 191/29 and still massively reducing the power of the brazilian ministry of environment to stop them prosecuting the arsonists to protect the Amazon, much more than UN-appeals have to be directed to him to stop him and his helpers.

And you will very clearly know that the international law does provide even two most powerful instruments which just need to be activated by you:

  • The International Criminal Court can force chiefs of governments like Bolsonaro to stop massively acting against the Paris Agreement by prosecuting and charging them of crime against humanity and genocide
  • The UN-General Assembly can proclaim the Paris Agreement a new „ius cogens“ and so most quickly implement the Paris Agreement at all legal, political and economic levels and start the most urgently needed climate protective „transformation“ of WTO and whole world economy to save mankind from climate collapse.

So it is your highest duty as UN Secretary-General to without any further delay proclaim with all your power that the Paris Agreement is a new „ius cogens“ which has to be implemented with absolute priority and that the International Criminal Court is most urgently oblidged to prosecute Bolsonaro and others as well as their helpers of crime against humanity and genocide.

For this proclamation you have been asked several times within the last three months to organize an Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly to decide a most efficient Emergency Resolution. 


So please do this at once before it is too late.

Because if it is already too late to save the Amazon rainforest and so to save whole mankind, this whould be your personal fault!

So whole mankind would blame you for not having proclaimed the right international law instruments in time to save the world !!!!

Don`t hessitate any longer to act!

Your sincerely

Gisela Toussaint
Geigersbergstr. 31

76227 Karlsruhe

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